Self-Encouragement: Growing Back UP

There’s a certain placement we come into as we attain higher and higher frequencies.

As we grow in spirit (spiritually), we think better of ourSelves. Those of you on that particular road at this present time….don’t deterred by those things that are of the world. Folk will mock you, shun you, make slander. Keep moving up!

Like, I said before, you’ll come to a point where you’ll have achieved so much evolution with yourSelf—their vibrations and frequencies can’t see you to reach you.

Keep going…don’t be thrown off by nobody else’s vibrations…(if you’re single, you now know the reason). If you’re in a “relationship”…know that opposites do not attract—they clash. Good or bad, LIKE attracts LIKE.

UP can’t be DOWN if it’s UP. BUT, DOWN can pretend it’s UP. UP is within itself— becoming more and more UP! It does still acknowledge its opposite otherwise it wouldn’t BE. Should UP engage with down, that’s what it becomes—DOWN!

Should UP realize one day after being homesick, that it’s out of its element, and not being its true being, which is UP, it must get the sickness of being DOWN out if itself—and be prepared, willing and ABLE to move back up. Begin to live your truth.

UP may be a little shaky and weak at first, but in working within itself and with likenesses, UP gains momentum, strength, and its ability to BEcome itself again.
Down may be holding and clinging and cunning and seemingly convincing, mocking you cause you ain’t DOWN no more, tryna trick you to believe its changed only to fall back DOWN into old ways…but you keep going! Because your ready, willing, and able. Because you’re UP.

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