Moving Forward

Often times, FEAR fills the opening between DOing and BEing when opportunity comes into view. I’ve been taking a lot of leaps on faith for almost 4 years now…or at least willing to. Building trust in God. Doing away with e-motional fears.


A few months ago God had been saying, “Be patient.” Then the tide changes and now I hear, “Go ahead.” I would think the same for others who seek clarity on a thought that uplifts self/others into betterment.

Rightly so…for so many reasons…we don’t feel a need to pinpoint any particular one…it’s all good…our foundations are being built on the rock..ahead of our time…and the rock is where we’re heading.
Do away with fear and move forward less you be stagnant in spiritual growth as well in other areas. God is quite inspiring…the way we experience moments of clarity…even in noisy environments. Im in the experience…

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