Self-Love: Say I Love You

I tell myself I LOVE YOU at least once a day. I say it. There is a very conscious love affair happening in me. This is the ‘light’ people are seeing. It’s not about me per say, it’s about loving the god in me and receiving love back.


And I get to gift myself with things I like and that come from my heart. And the larger gifts come from other people who experience even a wisp of my love…the god in me gets in their energies..and connects with another aspect of its god-self realized. Nothing to do with any one focused physical act being more powerful than another. God can readjust any heart…no matter the closeness or distance. It’s the human vessel that fights against change.


The more you become conscious of your depth…instead of fearing your own feelings and thoughts, say I love you. Much like you would to anyone else….you should encourage yourself…more than any other.


Other people may not accept you as you are..and may even judge you or condemn you…of course they’re wrong. As we know only the God in us judges fairly. So instead of helping people hate yourself, say to yourself, I LOVE YOU. And mean it.


Feel what happens after a while..THAT’S the love you kept trying to give away. Don’t stop. Just give MORE to yourself. You have every reason to be prosperous and happy. 😁💙🌸

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