Self-Empowerment: Do You Anyway

After the fall…once you get up and get your shit back together… you’ll learn…there’s no compromise for anyone or thing. You change on your own terms…your own God. Share your truth, people find truth hard to accept..accept you anyway. Love yourself…people don’t trust love…love you anyway. Laugh…alot…it heals your heart…literally. Forgive yourself…people will store your […]

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Self-Searching: Quench Your Thirst

There is so much information spread around on social media about changing yourself.  You likely feel overwhelmed reading article after article telling you what you have to do to ‘be enlightened’ or reach a higher level of consciousness. That’s what your God in you is for. In seeking too much information outside of your self, […]

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Blue Light Healing (Short Story)

…just because I carry my person+ality a certain way people expect I not make human error. Godhead just spoke to me about Guilt the other day…said something akin to “Void tapering with your Self about things you didn’t know were mistakes when you were doing them.” So yeah I get lectured a plenty. So last […]

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