Blue Light Healing (Short Story)

…just because I carry my person+ality a certain way people expect I not make human error. Godhead just spoke to me about Guilt the other day…said something akin to “Void tapering with your Self about things you didn’t know were mistakes when you were doing them.” So yeah I get lectured a plenty.

So last night I went to this class. I so welcomed a class, as I had been lingering in a lot of parties lately. Seems since the pandemic, more people are gathering in the realms. The students–we were average women from all walks of life. I didn’t see any celebrities there. Sometimes they’ll be a celebrity or two in a class or teaching a class. In this class among us were gossipers, worriers, back stabbers, liars, thieves, hermits, hiders of behaviors, depression, some angry for no reason, and so on…basically our flaws, things that we hold on to, unconsciously keeping us from growing. This time the GodHead would call out the problem before reflecting all in the room under their own shame, guilt, or worry. No one saw the particulars of another woman’s troubles. Judgement is reserved for the GodHeads in this school.

The school is huge of course. There are other GodHeads working with other types of Beings on their levels. Of all races and genders and from different planetary system. I’ve been on several different classes myself…and a few repeat lessons. I usually call this place the Great Room, because it has the ability to reflect anything and everything and sometimes there’s just the Great Voice.

The women in the hall were chatty. As I looked around I saw that we all wore blue dresses…from dark to light. Colors variants depict the ‘depth’ of negativity or ‘height’ positivity in ones soul flame. There was fresh cold fruit on the tables…and oysters(?)…well they looked like…and orange juice and water. We sat at rows of tables, each of us equipped with a tablet.

There were women who congregated with each other, some loud groups and some quiet ones who kept their heads down, obviously worried. And some confused as to why they were there.

Even as we gathered there was gossip of the GodHead being a mean witch. Not even a whole five minutes after that rumor spread an androgynous being entered the hall, approached my group and stated, “The GodMother wants to see you.”, speaking to no one in particular in the group.

We all looked at each other and some of the women said, “It wasn’t me.” and walked off separating themselves. There were two women left, one and myself. She started to worry and then just disappeared! I assumed she woke up in the middle of her dream. Welp, that left me. Only this time, I didn’t leave to see the GodMother, I didn’t feel anything…because I didn’t do anything…well at least I wasn’t spreading the rumor of her being a witch.

Feeling my pride, I continued to pick up fruit and put them in my bowl. Which I couldn’t taste the sweet energy pureness as I usually would, because I didn’t get to eat.

The GodMother entered the room and was upon me. She definitely was a presence! A mood! Somewhere between commanding yet patient. The GodHead was a dark black woman…beautiful, full face and body, her lips were dark red. She wore a white goddess dress with a thick well-fitted gold sash around her waist. She has the ability to reflect worries and guilt…and bring them out of you through your voice. I had heard about her over the streams…heard she was a witch, and if we encounter her to don’t answer when she calls. She certainly did not look like my idea of a witch.

She looked at me, she didn’t speak, I knew I had to go see her but my pride swelled…like don’t rush me. Her eyes were just there, looking inside me.

She disappeared. I put my bowl down and followed her invisible direction.

Out the hall to the right and turn another right and down the hall, a big brown door (hmmm I saw this door before), open door and step in, door closes automatically. The androgynous being stayed on the outside of the door. I looked toward the head of the room…small room nothing too spacey. Yet the more I stared, the room seemed to open up into a cathedral of glass stained walls of wavering lights…the chakras system. All shades of purples blues greens yellows oranges reds even the whites…which gave off a voided feeling.

The GodMother appeared from behind one of the walls, she walked to a throne which I hadn’t noticed in the array of colors. It sat one step up placed in the middle of a triangle crystal. She was going to sit but then turned around and looked at me a few seconds turned her back and said, “Explain.” Her voice was there but felt like it was in my chest.

I was a but confused, and said “Well, I didn’t do anything but I feel guilt.”

The GodMother approached me. I stood just far enough away from the throne, but I wanted to sit in it. I thought about the power a GodHead possesses and felt little dizzy thinking out that far. Suddenly, my whole crown started to tingle, it started right at the bridge of my nose and spread upward to my middle forehead and I felt the tightness and pulsing spread out around my head as if I had on a real crown. The lights in the walls pulsed dark, and wavered into the purples and then the blues…and stopped on a fire blue. Then I impulsively said, “I have a confession.” She looked at me and smiled. “There we go.” Well that certainly sounded witchy to me.

I began to speak but the voice that came out was not only not my voice but it sang! I hesitated and she did that a thing with her brow chin and fingers prompting me to keep going. Ok that was witchy too. But I’m here now, I came through the door…so…

I opened my mouth and out came the voice and it called to GodHead and I felt from inside my soul the urge to get it out and so I sanged louder and stronger and so high…and it felt so dang good. And I raised my head and arms and turned around singing to the walls which pulsed strong. And then I felt a thing in my throat, felt like one of them little red rubber balls; it moved up and pass my esophagus and out my mouth…I never saw it…I only felt it leave.

I sat down, I just felt so relieved as my head still pulsed. The God Mother walked to her throne. I looked around and saw how beautifully bright the cathedral had become and I felt bright in my being as if I were the blue light pulsing. Upon that sudden revelation and my eyes widened…I saw the Mother God sitting in her throne smiling at me with great satisfaction. I felt like a giant as the room became small again and the door opened and I stepped out…and woke up. First thing I said loudly was , “Thank you for giving me my voice back!”

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