Self-Searching: Quench Your Thirst

There is so much information spread around on social media about changing yourself.  You likely feel overwhelmed reading article after article telling you what you have to do to ‘be enlightened’ or reach a higher level of consciousness.

That’s what your God in you is for.

In seeking too much information outside of your self, you don’t get to doing the working from inside yourself.

It’s ok to focus on a particular attractive teaching, and start implementing that into your daily bread. It’s a process so consistenty is the key and eventually it’ll be your sub-conscious ingrained. I like the Christed Jesus Frequency Gospel of Love specifically for myself and my personality. However I do study other frequencies, Buddhism, Tao, Islam and so forth. The frequencies all entwine at certain levels. It’s best to start with what most resonates inside you.

Reading a passage or few daily will show you what you can work on from within. Many of you have so much going on inside you don’t know where to start. Spend time studying and transferring the knowledge into action, to be able to work through your stuff.

As you’re working through your stuff you gain wisdom. Wisdom is the knowledge to know that you learned enough from your mistakes to void repeating them again. Every once in a while you may find yourself out there still, however your inner conscious will inform you to pull back; the longer you ignore the vibration the more likely you are to find yourself in that problem again.

So to void repeated mistakes listen to your first thought–your wisdom, redirect yourself, and you recover quickly. This practice will also quell your ever-ending thirst for seeking knowledge. You become the bearer of knowledge, because you are doing the work within yourself.

Published 2020 @Live Your

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