Self-Empowerment: Do You Anyway

After the fall…once you get up and get your shit back together… you’ll learn…there’s no compromise for anyone or thing.

You change on your own terms…your own God.

Share your truth, people find truth hard to accept..accept you anyway.

Love yourself…people don’t trust love…love you anyway.

Laugh…alot…it heals your heart…literally.

Forgive yourself…people will store your transgressions…
forgive you anyway.

Give to yourself…people will starve you to punish you…give to you anyway…first.

Be there for yourself…people are fickle about relationships…be there for you anyway.

Know your Trinity.

People like are inevitable. Be a damn good player and know how to bluff and call it..and know when to shut it off.

Learn the art of trajectory.

Know who you are…people will tell you who you are not…know you anyway.

Pray for yourself as well as others…people don’t believe within themselves…pray for you and them anyway.

Learn Archery…the difference between aiming for essence, missing the mark and falling into sin.

Follow your gut…people will tell you you’re wrong….follow your gut anyway.

Study humanity it’s purpose and its experiences.

Run parallel to the crowd and get as high as you can…there’s a stampede not too far behind.

If you can’t be a mountain…be a trail.

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