Self Empowerment: Live Out Loud

If you don’t control your environment then you don’t WIN! If you don’t focus on your passion everyday then you fail yourself! I’m learning to work harder on myself than I do at my job. BUILDING THIS BRIDGE is the most focused and commanding task to who I’m becoming.

I’m taking on the PAINS and STRUGGLES in unfamiliar frequencies. My FAITH in GOD is all the power and self-discipline I have and I refuse to give it away. Hearing NO has become fuel in my thrust as oppose to faltering under the beat down. I don’t know why people say NO to growth. Right now I’m making a living, and my goal is to make a fortune. A fortune…for me, for my children, and so I can create tools to help others work harder on themselves.

Can someone steal my dream just by my sharing? I use to think so…people say it everyday ‘Move in silence’…and thousands of people agree! And then they go about their life in silence. Never sharing, never trusting, never living their dream out loud. But then I discovered that 10% of people who DO share their dreams and trust the waters and live out loud! They appear to be fine..they share idea after idea, make networks, people cheer them on and give energy to their growth..and they FLOURISH!

If you pay more attention, it’s not so much that you should be silent…it’s that the silent people don’t want to hear you being RESPONSIBLE! They call themselves plants and animals and everything under the sun as an excuse to move in silence…eveything except a reasoning human BEING! GOD did not make us to be quiet…as note in scripture…GOD wants to HEAR our voices and hear our songs and prayers and ideas and dreams! 

NO one is so powerful that what God sent you to do can be stolen by them. Can they throw spikes in your path? Heck yeah…they can slow you down but the more you discipline yourself and gather with those much like yourself, you’ll have less obstacles and more team mates.

If you believe someone can steal your dream…either you don’t understand what a DREAM is or you don’t have SELF-DISCIPLINE…and therefore have no control over your environment…cause someone told you to “Be quiet”. And you agreed.
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