Self-Healing:God Prescribes Healing

When I’m under stress, God shows me in dreams who or what’s behind it and what to do. Even that throws me off sometimes right because then I have to consciously get out of my own mind and let God do what it do.

So we don’t really deal with the anxiety or feeling or e-motions…we address the situation and all of those anxieties fall away. We can’t quell any feelings or e-motions just by thinking we’re going to ignore the situation or stop addressing it just because we feel a lil better…it’s going to keep coming up…like a tea piston…that pressure ebbs and flows…until we blow a whistle. Nobody is excused…we all go through it.

I write through my stressors…cause God be in there too…so I share some writings…other writings I blog…and still others I keep journal privately. The thing of writing is…it’s on purpose…it’s personal…it’s a living document to be revisited and studied again and again. Today you might wonder what the heck is she talking about…and the tomorrow you might re-read it and say to yourself, “Dang I be going through that.” Then the next day, you might be ready to follow instructions to heal.

People tell me what’s wrong, I read them and I write out the solution. It’s a prescription. Some fill their prescriptions and some don’t. Anytime you go back to the doctor after they prescribe 10 day Amoxicillin and you still complain of a sore throat, what does the doctor ask you, “Did you take it for 10 days?” What’s your answer, “Well I was feeling better after 8 days so I stopped.” It is not on the doctor if you fill the prescription and don’t use it as instructed, and then find yourself back in pain. When you’re in pain listen to God, get out your head and follow the instructions as scribed start to finish, and you’ll heal better.

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