Dream-Work: Seeing Red

The phone rang…whew lol…I was busy trying to explain myself rather than just wake up.

The color RED in a dream is never a good thing. Red is a very intense frequency–overpowering…even seductive.

In a dream, seeing red symbolizes there’s some external animosity toward you from someone/s you communicate with regularly.

Red also represents hypnosis. Red also represents exposure of inner physical (ie: blood, heart) and the e-motional self (ie: anger, love).

Message: Void gossiping about yourself…others can use it as ammunition to sway others against you. People don’t know what you’ve been through…all they know is that they hate where you are now. Do you know how many people are upset with you because they have to work really hard to surpass or keep up with their idea of you?

Leave the sad stories with the sad people places and things. Speak on negativity less and express more contentment and enjoy your accomplishments.

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