Self-Preservation: Congruent Abundance

The best advice I can give a woman on how to stop a nonrelationship relationship. We know this type of relationship can go on for years. Ultimately, it robs you of your spiritual mental physical personal and professional growth. Stop sexing him and don’t let him in your house after 5pm. Meet him for social and go home alone. Of course once you stop sexing him, he’ll call MORE AT FIRST…then he’ll call/text less…and you’ll answer less.

He’s gonna run that crying game on you, he’s gonna try to get you to do him one of them favors you always did..cause you know people and have resources. He’s gonna offer to take you to run your errands. He’s going to distract you anyway he can…even suddenly express his own emotions…which was very hard practice for him during his own self-talk sessions. All that illusion of submission is just to get in the bed with you. It’s mental emotional and physical entrapment.

And then at the end of the day if he plays games to get you to sleep with him…he has no respect for you, your boundaries and the word NO. Don’t volunteer yourself to be violated any kind of way. If the word NO is what you said, then let the rest of your being be in one accord. Atonement…to become AT ONE with self.

You are not responsible for his urges or his emotions. He’s going to get in physical no fault of your own…but he’ll say it was you. Be aware that this is just the process of separation of your energies..he depended on your loosh. Love? Love has nothing to do with it..this is purely energy entrapment that you misidentified as Love. Love comes from within the essence pool. Wait till you get there…you’ll see what I mean. Get your work in with yourself first.

This may even seem callous, but if he lost someone and you know he’s still deep in your emotional bank…don’t let him near you. Give your condolences on the phone or even out in public…then go about your business.

Listen, as soon as you do these things and mean it…your life will explode with newness! Whole realms of abundances will open to you–of all the things you desired in your heart and the things you worked hard for! Money…is a big one…it’ll start showing up out of nowhere. It’ll start raining money…not to excess but to what’s for you, to do what you need and want to do.

Before my jump, I barely had money to do what I needed to do. I had to pick which priority I would pay on each paycheck…just rotating my expenses. My jump exposed me to a universal bank and it’s full of my treasures! I literally found money on the ground twice in one day on a day I found myself spending more than I wanted to. It’s as if the universe paid me back for my travel expenses that day! I finally was been able to open a savings account! lol! You may get a good raise suddenly or a new job with higher pay doing something you like!

Bet you wonder why “good things” aren’t happening for you even though you’re a good woman and “doing the right things”. Your behaviors are incongruent with your thoughts and desires. Your desires are just waiting for you to be ONE within your whole self. Your universal bank is waiting for you to unlock it!

I had this dream repeatedly for some years, but didn’t know what it meant…but as the realms are opening to me I’m realizing my future self was definitely trying to help me wake up.

You’d be surprised how many people are held back–simply because of the roles they allow people to play in their lives.

He’s going to be fine in his world too. But don’t worry about that. Wake up to your own true reality.

This passage can absolutely relate to any gender…I’m just speaking from my experience. I’ve written on this some years ago on my blog. I’d love to read it and see what I was telling myself back then. I definitely know I’ve matured and evolved in many areas of my life. And you will too.

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