Self-knowledge: Collective Shift

Last night, I dreamed about money and atms and Texas weather oh boy…and then woke up only to be pulled back in…smh…save some cash cause the bureaus are turning over….still.

I woke up with a reminder that in as much as we want loans forgiveness and credit to be done away….no matter it happens a lot or for a little, there will be SOME transformation…and without chaos there is no order.

So between the sleep and the wake you have to stick you head in the twilight…where ALL things EXIST and DO NOT at the same time. That’s where President Biden is…in the twilight…what needs to to be done away with in order to implement this new thing?

More noticable than before and due to this need for transformation, there is an argument from ex:100 people about how safe and secure they are and have been since 1776 when those fifty something people signed that contract…..while there is ex:100,000 people unsafe and insecure….guess who’s gotta go through a harsh transformation? Everybody.

Not for nothing some people like consciously being slaves, so they will go through great difficulty as well. “Master WE sick!” They know what the role is all about and they become expert slaves like any other craft. BUT imagine being given freedom papers and told to leave…the slave would be in great confusion about what to do next! And so will the expert enslavers!

Not to be funny or make lite, but you ever seen the move “Trading Places”..with Eddie Murphy? Hence America is headed toward another Great Depression to trigger the Grand Shift. Everyone keeps talking about the Earth shifting(which always has even while humans stand still)…what about the Collective Mind Shift?

I’ve spoken on this energy some years ago…because many of us went through our spiritual and personal transformations during the 2012 shift..and we did 10 YEARS!…thank God we’re coming out of it. It was bad but not as bad as those who chose to wait or ignored it, or just so human they aren’t aware. Most of humanity is getting ready to go through it.

President Biden made it clear that there will be dark days ahead in order for the transformation to happen. Former President Obama “announced” Covid almost five years before it arrived. The bible speaks of people who make “announcements” before their time. Marcus “announced” there was a place. Martin went to the place came back and “announced” it, and Malcolm tried to prepare people’s state of mind for going to the place…hence it no longer was a race issue…he realized it became a COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS matter. It was never about Afrika…that was simple a campaign slogan.

And so here we are the Masses will have to travel through together…The 1% and the 99% …

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