Self-Elevation: Drive Out hate with Self-Love

Never be fearful to let others see your happiness.

Unhealed Black women don’t honor their relationships with each other because of self-hatred, colorism, the need for external validation, and giving unwarranted ultimatums. Ultimatums include, “if you don’t answer my texts or the phone when I want you to, don’t call me anymore (or) I won’t call you anymore…” “if you don’t call me as much as I call you we can’t be friends”…or “if you’re not there for me when I need you then you serve no purpose.”

Unhealed Black women lack loyalty, sacredness, and the art of being a confidente.
The best way to support each other and like each other is to uplift each other. Achieving our own successes includes helping other black women achieve their successes. And I did put forth the effort to do that–be that supportive sistah…only to be shunned. Unhealed black women cannot comprehend that someone would do something for them and not want anything in return.

I realized that sisters that spew so much hate at me are already suffering within their own hate. No matter I share wisdom, resources, and such, they are unhealed for themselves. They can not understand how I can be so free to give and say I love you openly, and laugh with heartiness. Their inability and unwillingness to work on themselves caused them to hate me for the work that I had actually done to heal myself. And they hate that I share that with others…especially in making black men smile again.

And I never realized until today, that staying my authentic self would hurt them more than than they ever tried to hurt me. I now understand the dream I had where I was “forced” to leave them behind, otherwise, I would be stuck—with them. I did the work and still am doing the work and have decided…I am happy and no one can stop what God is giving me. They can use the bible, the way they were taught, their gossip, their false condemnations…none of it will affect my heritage as a God’s child. Nothing can stop me. I’m going all the way up.

I wish all unhealed black women the best and hope they see the light—in their own selves…and heal.

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