Self Knowing: Intention Is Still Mostly Good

With all the quotes about how terrible well-intended people are simply for wanting better, you’d think the philosophers of such statements would have logical answers when things go wrong. The hearty being is often crucified at the hands of logical assumptions. Nobody has all the answers but at least the well-intended try knowing that one mistake does not dictate a lifetime. Not even ten mistakes.

Sometimes our good intent makes for ill-intended gossip. People who gossip will never ask,”What did you mean by that?” They will assume your intent based on their mind of morales and what they deem to be righteous, or their need to be liked or win people over (usually someone who they need for one reason or another), or even judge you on their own upbringing around others who gossip or communicate poorly.

It’s always been attractive, to me, to be able to do good at somebody else’s behalf. Sometimes people dont know their steering is off-balance and what lies ahead. However, sometimes it can be energy-costly; draining you of your will to continue doing good intent when everyone’s got their own opinion and their own will in their own tone.

Good intent is reserved to no one meaning and good will is everyone’s right given by the Divine ESSENCE (GOD).

But sometimes it goes so wrong. SOMETIMES. Sometimes I think I’m helping and have to remember some people make good intent out of bad news and some make bad news out of good intent.

When I fail, in my eyes, I’m my biggest critic. I ride on knowing the energy that I have, earned more wins under my belt than failures…I survived 100% of those failures as of today. 100% of my failures is what keeps me humble in trying to help others prevent doing some of the same mistakes I’ve made and some that I will never make.

If just ONE turn of the wheel can steer someone back in the right direction…the rest is up to them.

Sometimes I’m just like, Nichole be quiet, keep your good news (and bad) to yourself, mind your business and go on. But then I’ve failed 100% at what I know my purposes to be. Just because there will always be naysayers, who unconsciously don’t realize how much they can hold a person back with their purposeless intents. I hate that I have to spend really anytime blocking negative energy that I could use toward stronger good intents. And I will be able to eventually.

It’s really annoying when I hear and see people talking ill-will about me, sometimes in the same room. I hate it because as a person who has elephant brain, people don’t realize how traumatizing it is to have to repeatedly encounter someone who’s being fake with me for the sake of people places and things we have in common. All I see is hypocrites, and just the bantering makes me nauseous…and somewhat hypocritical to engage longer than hello, good bye. It almost feels like cyclic abuse…social abuse. And the real people are the bad guys for knowing and feeling and seeing and hearing and touching and taste and sensing reality. And the reel people say it’s all in our heads. Something is on the horizon to make humans confront a very real shake as a humanity.

If I give any advice about forward thinking, we HAVE to BE forward and DO forward processes. Where am I and where am I working toward? If I am clear about my intent from the start then I am just busy enough to void the fakeness. Real people have become reel people. They walk and talk and mimic virtual world behaviors. Insulting someone online is different than insulting someone in REAL life. They don’t differentiate that, and go into shock when you don’t give them a social climate reaction. People are so caught up in the reel world that the real world is crumbling around their bodies.

Whether I write or speak, which is not always agreeable, I have to remind myself …I intended well when it left my energy.

Everyday of my life.