Welcome to Live Your Truth!

By accepting yourSelf for who you are, you open your will to becoming the highest expression of yourSelf. 

Following Jesus’s example, by living in Christ, brings each of us into understanding that we are truly God’s children. I share here with you, tools of Self-empowerment from a real life prospective of being saved and born again, and moving forward in Christ. No bells, no whistles, no stages. The good, the bad, and the process.

Many of us have been out in the world a very long time, and have “lost” our way. We chose to separate ourSelves from God to experience the world in flesh; and still fell even further in the experience—and became who we are not. God being all-loving is forever seeking us…there is no time like NOW for us to seek God, and become our highest Self in the coming age of peace and love. Bless

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