Self-knowledge: Collective Shift

Last night, I dreamed about money and atms and Texas weather oh boy…and then woke up only to be pulled back in…smh…save some cash cause the bureaus are turning over….still. I woke up with a reminder that in as much as we want loans forgiveness and credit to be done away….no matter it happens a […]

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Dream-Work: Seeing Red

The phone rang…whew lol…I was busy trying to explain myself rather than just wake up. The color RED in a dream is never a good thing. Red is a very intense frequency–overpowering…even seductive. In a dream, seeing red symbolizes there’s some external animosity toward you from someone/s you communicate with regularly. Red also represents hypnosis. […]

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Self-Growth: All Slaves Ascend

I was speaking with someone this morning about her needing to take action to see change. She’s working her way out of the valley BUT she’s got this PARTNER who just won’t prepare themselves to make their moves! They think she’s kidding like so many times before when she said she was moving on. She […]

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