42 LAWS of MA’AT

The 42 Laws Of MA’AT – EVER*SCENTS MA’AT (111)–Those of us who are actively doing the work of the Soul, are conscious that the Aeon of MA’AT is not a span of time, but is here and now, ever-coming in the living experience. We do no seek MA’AT, we BECOME within MA’AT. We also understand that it is […]

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Self Empowerment: Live Out Loud

If you don’t control your environment then you don’t WIN! If you don’t focus on your passion everyday then you fail yourself! I’m learning to work harder on myself than I do at my job. BUILDING THIS BRIDGE is the most focused and commanding task to who I’m becoming. I’m taking on the PAINS and […]

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Self-Empowerment: Do You Anyway

After the fall…once you get up and get your shit back together… you’ll learn…there’s no compromise for anyone or thing. You change on your own terms…your own God. Share your truth, people find truth hard to accept..accept you anyway. Love yourself…people don’t trust love…love you anyway. Laugh…alot…it heals your heart…literally. Forgive yourself…people will store your […]

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