Self-Examination: Is Being Bipolar a Bad Thing?

The fact that we have to “force” ourselves to go to one extreme to get away from another(usually positive to get away from negative) is a reality of BEing human. However because humans must always put a word to a BEing or feeling or emotion….going from one emotional extreme to another is considered “Bi-polar”. Which is also considered a problem of the psyche(mind). I can agree going from one pole to another can be called BI-polar. However I have to touch the so-called “mind disorder” part.

Human concepts of nature’s (perceived) dualities are female/male, life/death, healthy/sick, body/spirit, light/dark, white/black, energy/mass, above/below, in/out, love/hate, good/evil, hot/cold.

Are such mentioned above not absolute, or at least extreme opposites?

Often we hear some people say they’re “good” and that’s it. Ask them what makes them good and they’ll point out evil beings. Or tell so-called “evil” people that they’re evil and they’ll tell you they’re the best thing that happened since sliced bread…because everyone else is being “fake”.

Why do we have to pretend to be happy when we’re feeling depressed (which is supposedly a range of feelings outside of happiness)?

Why can’t we figure out what is depressing us and work our way back to happiness, or at least, balanced contentment?

Life demands (work, family, relationships, friends) donot give us a chance to dwell on our individual dis-eases and wellnesses. So instead of addressing why we might be angry or sad about something…we “suck it up” and put on a surface smile…sometimes a whole act.

And we do put on a “good” act for so long amount of time…until we either breakdown or secretly indulge in vices, or even go deeper into depressive states. I’d say the more we pretend, the deeper or more severe our depression.

All humans are bi-polar. All humans go from one extreme BEing to the opposite BEing. Very few give themselves the opportunity to examine their internal feelings and emotions. So really are they BEing true on the surface?

Humans fear the very beings they judge…and they judge what they fear. They’re afraid someone/s will look upon them as “crazy” if they should express any feeling or emotion other than extremely happy.

To pretend to be one way as a dual being can cause mind disorders of soughts….and possibly manifest into unhealthy unbalanced states of beings.

Whereas, in a bi-polar person when you feel good(positive) you acknowledge your feelings and dwell in being and doing things in a state of a highly active and sunny disposition. And when you feel bad(negative) you acknowledge your feelings and dwell in being and doing things in a depressed slowed state.

And because the “average” person is actually unbalanced and/or pretentious, seeing someone smile (which does not reflect the unbalanced persons current state) brings the unbalanced person to ask a question, “What’s wrong with you, why are you smiling?” Then seeing that same person another time in an angry state, the unbalanced person immediately says, “He/she crazy! He/she must be bi-polar! They was just happy the other day!” (As if its a bad thing).

Does going out on a shopping spree with a smile on your face mean you’re bipolar? Or happily shopping? Or do you just like shopping? Are rich people bipolar for buying expensive things?

Does laying in your bed crying mean you’re bipolar? Or crying through your feelings while laying in your bed? Does sitting in a park and crying make you less or more bipolar? Or would it make others uncomfortable to see you crying?

Does having sex with different people mean you’re bipolar? Or does it mean you may be freely living? Or promiscuous? Or single so you can do what you want? Or just nasty?

Does yelling and cursing mean you’re bipolar? Or that you’re angry? Are you feeling misunderstood? Having difficulty expressing in higher way?

Does being very happy yesterday then very sad today mean you’re bipolar? Or could situations, circumstances, conditions have changed for you in that amount of time? Or Could you be ok with expressing your feelings and be done with them and move on?

I can go into weather, Earth, universe…and point out various aspects of polarity systems. But I’ll stop here for now…and keep it the mind. For now.

Feel free to ask question, critique, ASSIST, give clarity to your knowledge….your experience helps. 6/25/14 11:11pm


Self Reflection: Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Human BEings that believe that the third dimension is the only dimension suffer from the illusion of separation from Spirit. Their senses cannot detect any thing beyond physical matter…Spirit is beyond physical.

I say “suffer” because until one experiences their awakened spirit…they wear a false hood of Bliss. The hood is often called “Ignorance”. If you are ignoring truth on purpose, by staying in a false sense of bliss…imagine what true bliss IS! You cannot…because you are ignorant…by choice.

We cannot be one with others if we are not one with Spirit. And if we are not one with Spirit, then 3D is all we think. Spirit has the ethereal ability to flow in and through all of life. We have the ability to awaken others by simply sharing our own experiences. The clearing work however, is to be done by each of us individually. Often people are deterred by the thought of how much denseness they have to clear within themselves…I for one can say, I was not as evil or damned as others judged me to be. I will soon describe some of what clearing work is…in specific BEings.

Spirit is not confined to the flesh, the material plane. Even being in such a dense dimension, speaking externally, we experience beauty. And because we do, then we know behind the veil is LOVE–an all loving uni-verse.

Aside from people who initiate themselves into mystery schools from raw desire states of beings, there are many people who ingest psyche substances who speak of patterns and colors beyond describable words…they FEEL a “beautiful universe…a loving universe as a ONE.”

Though ingesting substances (which comes with its own set of drawbacks) causes a temporary “trip”, nevertheless those users’ experiences are valid, in a sense.

Self Reflection: The Void

I dream last night that I was shown a book that speaks of the Void and how if we “wait” too long for those good things we desire ie husband, wife, job, etc.. than we are bound get caught up in life loops. We are more likely to engage in lower behaviors we overcame or uplifted away from. We are to enjoy our lives consciously and live responsibly..always remember God is the all in our lives and is to be respected. 11/21/13

Self Release: Drop Your Yolk

….storms…it’s in the overflow where we begin to seek ourselves…where we seek God. The rock bottom…when we get tired of being tired. And it happens. For some of us the lower we go the higher we soar. The person in the physical prison hole is forced to face him/herself. In the dark…alone…with no one to call on. At some point the heart opens and the mouth opens and cries out to be saved. Are we any freer if we’re walking around outside those walls but still in mental prisons? Closed minds don’t get fed. Heartened hearts CAN be freed. We can drop the yokes.

Spiritual Dialogue: Are We in Love with Ideas of BEings and Not Truly BEing?

In between I realized…not everybody creates from the Void (scratch). Many create from what already IS…from people places and things that already exist.

Having the ability to consciously create in the Void is rare…because people are more unaware than they are aware, still. Even those who call themselves “conscious”. They’ll wake up many more times before reaching to this point.

Even if you’ve accumulated something from an existent BEing, you have the ability to void that particular BEing in favor for a higher, more uplifted enlightened BEing. Provided you accept responsibility for your present creation or state.

Many seek to “escape” or “throwaway” what they’ve created. Which in essence causes them to become “stuck” to the people, places, and things they’re seeking “freedom” from.

And even though…sometimes humans catch others up in their creations…which really can be the precursor for disaster in lower frequencies or upliftment in higher frequencies for others…BECAUSE they have not yet (or cannot yet) begun to create from the Void for themselves…so they experience FATE…by others creations.

In other words, while you ARE experiencing what YOU create, you’ve manage to also attract others who are not and cannot experience what YOU’VE created…..they are simply riding on the IDEA of your creation. In other words, they have no idea such a person, place, or thing existed, until you came along…and make them aware of such.

So now the question you would ask is, are you actually IN the experience or you riding in the IDEA of the experience projected from anothers creation?

I often wonder how answers to my (deep) questions show up so fast…or even recently that I saw some numbers in my sleep…played them(lotto) them upon waking and won. Or even being able to see others various creations only to wake up and witness such manifestations.

Those who create from what already IS are BEing in 3rd dimension. Those who create from Void, or “see” what is to BEcome, are BEing in 4th dimension. You would benefit to clear more in 3D to be able to experience more clearly in 4D. Water helps. Sun’s light helps. Green foods help.

And to answer the basic question in thought, “Why? Why does there have to be dimensions or highs and lows? Why can’t everybody just be as ONE?”

Short answer: You live in a dual world. Light and dark. Day and night. Up and down. In and out. Competition. Longer answer: Because seeing into your false bottoms(your hidden BEings), humans project unfair experiences. For example, to believe you live as ONE while many are in hunger and others throw away food is perverted denial. Or even that some are rich while many are poor— where is the ONENESS in such dual states?

And also may I say a favored line, there’s levels to this shit, otherwise it wouldn’t be the greatest school in this universe.

Gifts: Spiritual Ability: What is BEing Empathic?

BEing empathic means to read and understand and decipher energy.

Empaths have the ability to scan the energy of people, places, and objects, and even words, for thoughts, feelings and possibly for past, present, and future life occurrences.

This ability may be genetic(ancestral in my view), showing up through several generations…and sometimes there’s just the one. Still, there may be, and most likely are, more than one Empath within one family.

Very many Empaths are unaware of how being empathic really works, and have not accepted that they are sensitive to other people’s energy, many think they themselves have alot of problems, when in fact, they’re just so sensitive to others energies, that they reflect them, even without being aware of it.

The ability to correctly “see” and to some extent, mirror the energy of another can be a challenge to the unpracticed or unskilled Empath. This gift allows us to steer ourselves through life with a heightened, or enhanced perception. It serves to ones well-being to be selective in friendships and other relationships, as Empaths are also very susceptible to being siphoned of their energy.

Empaths of all levels and experiences can and do become overwhelmed at times. Maby suffer with isolation and/or depression. Many fall into drug and alcohol use and even some become energy vampyre, “sucking” off others joy or misery…ir allow themselves to be victimized, so others can feel better.

Having coping skills helps one manage internal and external energies in an uplifting way…and knowing the difference between “mine and yours”. Prayer, travail, crystal healing, sun gazing and/or bathing, tree-hugging, laying in grass or by water, writing, self-dialogue, even playing with children …are few of many ways to stay grounded…in a positive uplifted vibrational frequency.

SELF-DETERMINATION: Relationship Goals: Where Are We Going?

I had a conversation with an associate…we talked about be single for very long times and how we view ourselves and the kind of relationships we’ve had that caused us to become single, and where are we going now. She recently got back into a relationship…I asked her what is it based on this time, she seemed puzzled. I asked her what their goals are together, she looked at me like “What goals??”

THAT is the next phase I’m going into…as much as humans say marriage is not a goal. Marriage is a goal like any other. And within the marriage are goals that the two people agreed to achieve together. There are people out there who move blindly(seeing what pops up along the way), and there are people who move consciously(creating what they desire along the way). Four seasons suffices to know whether you want to marry a person or not..whether you want to achieve longtime goals with them or not.

Too many sisters fall back into the okkee doke of “It’s been a long time, I’m lonely.” Sex is such a common base that it’s mistaken as a necessary aspect to bond two people…clearly the result is “baby mama/dada” syndrome…it never bonds anything but bodies and fluids. There are only two goals in sex…babies and orgasm. And then play house until one of you catch afire for another body somewhere. Believe I know it. I’m qualified to talk about it. A year is long enough to know whether you’re dating a selfless person or a selfish person. Why? Because selfish people don’t have patience anymore like they use to..if you aint got it or ain’t giving it, they’ll get it somewhere else. And they’ll tell you that! After a year the veil begins to thin into the truth…not what they want you to see…but the TRUTH. And sometimes the truth can be ugly! A lot of selfless people are dating some ugly people! But you ask them..and their ugly man/woman is the most beautiful thing in the world! That’s some strong wool in their mind.

Not to mention the reality shows showing sistahs beating the bloody hell out of each other to be with some dusty male who believes he benefits from his “hoes” unconscious idiocy. Two years and more is too long to fake the funk…the signs are too easy to see when you’ve become conscious. Four seasons is long enough to ask the ultimate question to the brother, “Where are we going from here?” 

Right now for me, I’m dodging traffic… I’m conscious enough to see bullshit coming…conscious enough to hear what I can’t see coming. Conscious enough to step back when there’s too much of everything or nothing going on. No rush, I can always chill and write about it. In our reapings are the conscious wisdoms of the ignorance we sowed. If we’re seeking to cross the street, we have to acknowledge what we’re crossing from, lest we think it’s something different only to find out it’s the same thing.

We’re not to call on God to escape from life but help us to consciously grow into our better and best selves.