Self-Growth: All Slaves Ascend

I was speaking with someone this morning about her needing to take action to see change. She’s working her way out of the valley BUT she’s got this PARTNER who just won’t prepare themselves to make their moves! They think she’s kidding like so many times before when she said she was moving on. She said they told her to prove it!

I heard myself speaking her through the steps and she said she thought about God saying similar to her a few times. I KNOW she did because it happened to me! She asked me, “Is there really a light?” I told her–there is light and it does get better. Silence. Then she said THAT’S what she needed to hear.

You know the only thing that would mess it up for her? Is if she cares about her partner more than she cares about herself–then she will not come out of that valley, she will not see that light…and things will not get better.

When we ended the call…I realized…you can’t tell someone who’s never been through anything, that it gets better. They’re in that gray space…they wouldn’t know what you’re talking about in either direction. There is an energy in this world that will tictac swallow you without bothering to taste your problems and doesn’t care to help you. And there is another energy that will reflect you to understand what you’re going through to help you through your problems.

That’s that John 3:16 verse…God loves us so much that we were given the central sun (one son) so that we would always have light (life).

It is OUR responsibility to wake up each day and motivate ourselves to BECOME enlightened in our plans our goals and know that we don’t HAVE to prove anything to anyone, BUT that in BEing and DOing what is right and just comes from the conscious mind. As we move to ascend out of the valley…whoever is directly connected to us will be affected, however, it is everyone’s individual choice to want to ascend.

It is not our responsibility to prepare a place for anyone but ourselves…however we CAN guide and share the light of the many awakenings of which we continue to go through and hopes that we can meet our beloveds in the next place and the next….until ALL slaves ascend. God said it herself…ALL slaves ascend.

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The Light Chamber

I went into a light chamber last night. I was singing the pain away, and calling Jesus between breaths. I FELT the song I sang in every fiber of my being. It was my song-the more I let go the greater I sang!

It felt like my soul was being sucked with every note I belted out. The depths of my soul was being cleansed. There was a bed there, but I couldn’t lie down, I was too caught up in my spirit.

When you finally sing your own song, you’ll understand-the only way TO survive is in the spirit. You’ll be yourself-in a different light-of your truth.

God is light. God is love.

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Don’t Be Led Astray

I dreamed that I was at the church I went to as a youth. My adopted father was there (who is deceased but I talk to during pivotal moments in my life). It had been announced that Jesus Christ was coming. The church was packed, and there were deacons there clearing the halls saying, “Jesus Christ is Coming!” I was standing at the back seats where I always sat. I was so glad because this meant that all of us who sat at the back of the church would be the first ones to see him coming. I was thinking that he would see me or I would touch his robe. A woman who stood behind me (which would’ve been in front of me originally) tried to distract me about my clothing (a dress with red and blue flowers). She gave me a read tie and I ran off to put it on, but halfway to the bathroom, I realized I would miss Jesus, so I dropped the tie and ran back. She was not happy. The hall lights were turned out. I thought it didn’t matter, we would know him by his light. People were clapping so loud and singing….and we were waiting…I woke up.

*In writing this dream, I see several areas that can easily match biblical  scripture. Yet, I also see so personal growth.

We easily become distracted by things that people in the world say is best for us. Do I believe this to be a prophecy dream? It doesn’t matter.

What I DO believe is that we should keep our “houses” in order, and not be distracted, to be able to experience the Light for ourselves. The council of Heaven has never led me astray. Not once.

I had a guide to prepare me for Hurricane Sandy (though I didn’t know that’s what was coming at those times). When the storm was over, my house was not touch even though it sits at the water. All others around me flooded out or worse. Sometimes I just stare at the water in silence, causing myself a headache trying to expand my mind to comprehend God.

But I know what I do know because the heavens councils know I desire to go to where God is. Of course, I must focus on NOW, HERE, in order to that. I’m in love with God. People still ask or look at my house and don’t get it. That’s God loving me too!

That’s how it’s been my whole life. Except I’ve been intently listening since 12/25/11; now I have journals and typed papers of “dreams” and experiences. And I’m so grateful to be a traveler.