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Self-Elevation: Friends Become Enemies When Opportunity Knocks

Well actually your haters were never your friends. They were always your haters, your brain was protecting you while you danced with the devil.

As important haters make you when they’re nosing around your life, they never give you that much attention when they’re disguised as your friends,coworkers,and even family members. Unfortunately. Positive energy is a preference over anything else.

Word in the world of elevation is that anytime you’re actively elevating, the people around begin to expose themselves as other than they pretended to be. My thoughts are that this moon phase behavior has got to be a production of the Matrix.

I’ve had to privatize several of my online accounts and pretty much isolate myself as these beings shed their forms for their true negative selves. Annoying yes, but not much of a task considering online is not where I make my money.

Pardon me,but I’m not a fool,and I’m not interested in being the first (anything) to stick it out or prove I’m super emotionless while being hated on. As a matter of fact, I thought most of the people I associate myself with were more prosperous than me. But what successful person has time and space to hate if they are truly content and truly successful? 🤨

They don’t hate me…I have a simplified life and take public transportation everywhere. But it turns out they don’t hate me. They hate the light! When I cloak I’m fine and the enemy is happy in thinking I’m as they are. My light turns on and wham! I’ve heard that before from others. And this is the second time in just over twelve months it’s happened to me. Light off, I’m fine..light on everybody is up in arms…light off…light on…lol! I think I’ll stay on…now that I know for myself. Haters gonna hate regardless once you’re known.🤣

And God simply said to all of this–senseable or not, “Your enemies will never prosper, but they’re welcome to form.”

Devils get behind me! Thank you father and mother God! For protecting me and showing me things hidden to me that I would otherwise go long distances in unawareness.

Thank you lord for being in my mind body and soul.