Self-Healing:God Prescribes Healing

When I’m under stress, God shows me in dreams who or what’s behind it and what to do. Even that throws me off sometimes right because then I have to consciously get out of my own mind and let God do what it do.

So we don’t really deal with the anxiety or feeling or e-motions…we address the situation and all of those anxieties fall away. We can’t quell any feelings or e-motions just by thinking we’re going to ignore the situation or stop addressing it just because we feel a lil better…it’s going to keep coming up…like a tea piston…that pressure ebbs and flows…until we blow a whistle. Nobody is excused…we all go through it.

I write through my stressors…cause God be in there too…so I share some writings…other writings I blog…and still others I keep journal privately. The thing of writing is…it’s on purpose…it’s personal…it’s a living document to be revisited and studied again and again. Today you might wonder what the heck is she talking about…and the tomorrow you might re-read it and say to yourself, “Dang I be going through that.” Then the next day, you might be ready to follow instructions to heal.

People tell me what’s wrong, I read them and I write out the solution. It’s a prescription. Some fill their prescriptions and some don’t. Anytime you go back to the doctor after they prescribe 10 day Amoxicillin and you still complain of a sore throat, what does the doctor ask you, “Did you take it for 10 days?” What’s your answer, “Well I was feeling better after 8 days so I stopped.” It is not on the doctor if you fill the prescription and don’t use it as instructed, and then find yourself back in pain. When you’re in pain listen to God, get out your head and follow the instructions as scribed start to finish, and you’ll heal better.

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Self-Healing: Reflection, Acceptance, Placement, Healing

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re in some sort of pain, and tears keep coming up to the rim of your eyelids? As overwhelming the pain you’re feeling is, you really don’t want to cry in public for whatever reason, so you look up toward the sky, and swallow your tears…and your spirit groans quietly. And you do this repeatedly while you dwell in feeling sorry and pity for yourself.

I’ve been in that position as well. In fact, it was very recent. It seems my relationships with friends of years are coming to abrupt emotionally painful ends; AND even frenzy among my family members. If it’s not me painfully pulling myself away, it’s someone painfully pushing me away. I even notice it on a global scale; via media and/or witnessing sudden fights break out between strangers, family members, friends. Toxins are coming to surface. Expired relationships have to be poured out.

Not to deviate, but I believe there’s a grander event going on—to humanity as a whole. With all of the universal and planetary upsetting which as been happening in greater and stronger waves, relations of all sorts are being tried and measured for “heart-felt” authenticity–true love. True love knows no pain. All that is in LIKENESS frequencies and vibrations are being “rearranged” back unto their true placement, or state of being.

It kind of reminds me of a big ball of string. It only becomes more messy the further away from our truth we are. Take heed, the inner chaos does quiet down as we become more centered and will eventually disappear. As for the external chaos, we learn that the only problems we have is with ourselves–and 99% of problems we feed to grow do not exist.

What I discovered throughout all the pains was that it’s really hard for me to talk to other people about my TRUE feelings. People cringe when others expel e-motions from the heart.. whether good or bad. Not everyone is heart-centered…many are head-centered, and are only concerned with keeping up appearances they think others would be comfortable with–no matter their own uncomfort. However, let it be their ‘right nerve’ get touched and they’ll fall apart like a dandelion. Into the wind.

So, what happens when you’re in emotional pain and it appears there’s no one there with a shoulder to cry on? Go within and heal your own self!

Indeed yes! Think about it. Even if there was someone with a good strong shoulder (or ear), they will not feel the core of your pain—everyone has a empathetic limit (unless they’re a glutton for pain, then you should be questioning your sudden energy loss whenever they leave your presence. Those are empathic vampyres). Even when an animal is treated for physical wounds—the treatment is limited to cleansing and a dressing. The animal with go off alone, and methodically licks wounds to aid in its own healing.

In order to relieve pain, humans habitually do temporary “happiness”. I say do because they are BEing happy. It’s a quick fix. One fix is dwelling in self-pity, not necessarily needing another’s presence, but the more people the more pity. Yes, they have a pity-party (a form of narcissism). Head people.

The other common fix is, people thinking to convince themselves and everyone around them that they’re fine, while attributing sudden breakdowns to work or home related stress, depending where they’re at during such a state. Many people have “made it work” on this fix for years. Head people.

Another self-neglectful habit comes to mind; emotional eating. Eating until the pain is forgotten. This method usually, unbeknownst to the self, involves eating dull neutral-colored foods when alone, ie. ice cream, cookies, chips—and brightly colored foods when in company, ie decorative foods, cheeses, breads, and fast foods.

Self-healing begins by accepting that you’re wounded in some sort of way. It’s ok to have pain and cry, wince or whimper. In fact, those are good signs. You’re acknowledging that you’re uncomfortable in some sort of way. Pain definitely does not make people feel good. And one can “put on face” but for so long. Ego loves pain. It needs someone to blame outside ourselves. Pain can be and is used as an emotional crutch.

Pain lasts no longer than your willingness to accept it and then place yourself in position/s to overcome it—and do. Self-healing works. Since we must interact with other people in this world, we will experience many different degrees of pain from time to time; those being emotional, physical, mental, psychological, and neglect, even unjustified isolation. Unjustified Isolation is when someone thinks they have a “problem” with you and instead of speaking with you about it, they condemn your name to the other people around you to isolate you.

Skilled Empaths are fully aware of the A-Z of Unjustified Isolation. We are the poster children for other people’s junk…and UI is a huge issue in the Empathic community. Unskilled Empaths may get caught up a few dozen times to years. But as we become more aware of ourselves and reflect, accept, change our placement, and HEAL, we no longer allow ourselves to get caught up in those types of energy.

In UI cases, we may even isolate ourselves. We have our own problems and choose to let head people live in their heads. So we don’t get involved, it’s painful. And don’t want to spend wasteful time trying to figure people out. Head people have a problem with everyone at some point or other, just rotating their own imaginary problems. It’s a vicious and painful cycle to keep up with. Narcissistic even.

So because there’s so few true to heart people around us at any given period of time, we must learn to heal ourselves.

Self-healing brings about some beneficial self-upliftments. You’ll gain in the ability to accept responsibility for un/intentional pain, to yourself and/or others. You’ll embrace the want to forEgive without condemnation. Not only will you begin to develop clearer foresight and insight, but also the time it takes you to heal may become quickened with regular practice. You’ll even feel more confidence to be able to approach new experiences without triggering painful memories; some you may even forget!

It’s important to make Self-healing a regular practice. Just like we attract positive energies, we can and do accumulate negative energies; and in most cases, the longer one neglects their well-being, the harder it can take to heal old wounds. So practice these powerful keys; reflection, acceptance, placement, and healing—often. Until they become a way of life.

My healing self is becoming me, so I’m not just talking to talk, but I’m walking the walk. As I clear away the grand illusion of pain-dependency and self-neglect, a newness is becoming more and more revealed in me. And I see myself happy in this newness. So as things may be coming up in degrees of chaos, I feel like I already overcame it all; I’m just working on the details.

SELF-REFLECTION: The purpose of this key is to realize and review our thoughts and actions, without becoming stuck, or self-judging. Our goal is to learn from them, where we neglected obvious signs or moved in unawareness (without beating ourselves up). From our mistakes, we are able to learn to activate more constructive thoughts and beings in our lives.

ACCEPTANCE: This key unlocks the ability for one to be able and do take responsibility for any thoughts or actions in which the result/s did not come in accord with the betterment of self and/or others.

PLACEMENT: This key is very important, not necessarily more important than the others-they all work in conjunction. I mean very important in a sense of, how important is it to you that you begin self-healing RIGHT NOW. This key actually opens up “portals” to what ever place it is that you feel you need to be to begin removing the pain out of yourself. Many people don’t consciously realize when they’re in placement-state; they often try to busy themselves out of one thing and move busily into another. That is very distracting.

I will explain placement by example. Say you want to purge of a failed relationship. Do you tend to keep looking at photos and old texts, and/or other items of that person— and think , cry, think, and cry harder, then fall asleep in memory lane—only to wake up feeling crashed?

You may have REFLECTED on where you went wrong, and you’ve ACCEPTED that the relationship is over. However, you continue to hold THINGS in order to hold onto memories in pity. PLACEMENT is committing to yourself to be able to LET GO and move forward. Clearing your space (your room, home, office, etc.) of memoranda PLACES you farther from pain and closer to healing. That was the portal!

The act of clearing rearranges your energies to begin healing. Some people need to travel physically to clear and some meditate to clear. Just be committed to continue moving forward—with a knowing that the pain will pass.

HEALING: Most people would think healing is to simply feel better; I did too. But get this! Healing IS to feel better; but it is also to KNOW better in order to DO better in order to BE better! You’re not in unnecessary pain anymore. You know what it is and you know what processes of self-neglect and/or unawareness took you there. You now know, by practicing insight, foresight, and self-awareness, you can do more constructive activities, empowering yourself to be a better person—to live being a healed person.

Bravo! We are a team aren’t we! And if you read to this far…I know you had some uncomfortable moments, some “o my goodness that’s me” moments, some “this is some good stuff!” moments. But most of all, my goal is to enlighten you to something about yourself that you may not have been aware of. YOU have the power to heal yourself! I encourage you to love yourself and uplift yourself, encourage yourself, and have regular communion with God. This raises your energy vibrations into a higher love; a joyous and healthy love. God bless you!