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Self-Elevation: I Gotta Move On

The best way to have the destinies you want is to build them. They may not fit for the present you….but your future is benefiting a head up on the work you do today.

We don’t know that we’ll be ready to take flight 3, 5 or 7 years from now. We just know we are content where we just arrived, because we also prepared for the place we’re in now. We are content all the way through. And then just like that God calls us to prepare for our next destination (assignment). We wish to have a smooth transition but some people just have their feelings invested in us and we in them. But not all feelings are mutually good.

Being content with “this is it” is okay for some, but most certainly does not jive for the explorer type personality. God takes advantage of the mind that is open to the many dimensions (some call them mansions) in his house.

Having had the pleasure and stress 😬 of working in my depth CONSCIOUSLY for the past 11 years…NOT PERFECT (cause you have to place disclaimers for people who point and try to remove steps ahead of you while pointing out errors behind you). Some want you stuck right where you are as long as they won’t do the work themselves…they think communion with God is a competition. Spiritual living is a personal (not secret) relationship with God.

Most people who hate you either have never spoken to you in their life, are gossiping on heresay, or have envy of you. However the opinion of a few does not negate the truth of the many.

I’m glad I was building in secret…that’s my boundary, though I should not have to. Your favorite actor or rapper openly spills all over their fans…leaving their fans to deal with problems that aren’t even theirs. And y’all love it…as long as y’all don’t have to focus on yourselves. Thus the mass imbalance of the social climate. Too much battling over other people instead of working on ourselves and helping other people.🤨

I don’t have to make a new start, I just put on the crown I earned over years of unseen hard work. Through my own soul’s dark night, I still showed up. Through my own private losses and grievances I still showed up. Some folks say being ONE way is what makes a solid person. Feels kind of concrete to me…and how does one get into concrete?…they break it apart with heavy blows. Y’all not gonna be abusing me trying to pound problems on me that aren’t mine. Own your own life and your hang ups.

You’d think as a person who grew in fostercare that I should be loveless, have walls in walls, and butt hurt and distrust just dripping everywhere in everything. Nah my soul and my serotonin is top-notch…in spite of, still I love. I speak well, I eat well and so I sleep well. Walls aren’t my thang, some walls yes. With some people yes. Unfortunately many of us learned error by fire when it came to who we let behind our walls. I’m just building boundaries as I get closer to God. My brother Yeshua started out like we’re gonna help everybody, and when not everybody not only didn’t want help but “attacked” him in several places, he started to build boundaries.

He even told his peoples, cool when you’re ready to talk come to me, but don’t think you’re gonna go around me behind my back and I don’t know. He wasn’t paranoid, he knew what was up! Some people did rock with him on the low. He even told Peter bro I know you gonna act like you don’t know me when you get in front of Caesar and nem…it’s cool though. I forgive you.

Yeshua had to distance himself from certain people and even then whom called themselves friends. He kept his most trusted person unknown to most and acknowledged by the few who knew. He was ridiculed for communing with the obvious downtrodden but good of heart type people’s. By the way, the daemon disguised as his bff that deceived him, ended up demising himself. Extreme…but people who do you dirty behind your back do suffer with emotional and mental Illness about it. Ruining people’s lives is inhuman! Especially just for the favor of bigger devils.

Only God can deal them types as you go about your assignment. God doesn’t hide you…he fills your table with a feast for your enemies to further envy.

We can go through the scriptures and find several instances of envy and deceit toward Yeshua as he went about his assignment.

Romans, Luke, Mark, John, Timothy, and on.

Nonetheless….embracing my multidimensional being is my own assignment for myself as I prepare for what God has for me next. My abilities seem to be good for people to serve their own purposes, however when I use my talents to serve my own interests….to elevate ME….folks get out of sorts. I’m recently being called fake, standoffish, agressive, unhinged, crazy. All the things they called Yeshua when ever he wasn’t doing something they were comfortable with. Whenever he prepared to move on.

When Yeshua fed the people they were happy, when he healed Jairus daughter at Galilee Lake folks were surprised and some got upset, and when he needed periodic breaks folks got upset. He didn’t ask for breaks he took breaks. He knew his tolerance in a dark world.

Our loyalty is to God, and it is through God’s will that we work where we are, until it is time to move on.

Watch who’s clapping for you, who’s smiling with you and who’s encouraging and who’s following up.

Watch who gets upset when you’re ready to go. They don’t really want God’s love nor ever really appreciated your contribution, if it were not so, how do they shift so easy, when they claimed to be solid people🤨? That’s fake to me. Nothing worse than a shifty person pretending to be solid…and God is revealing them, at home, in schools, in the work place, and in the church. You gotta move on. Now they wanna talk to you…nah…rise above just like Yeshua when he goes to the “mountain” and devil is so much into ego to challenge Yeshua to prove he’s the son of God…nah GET BEHIND ME DEVIL!

All you children of God… get in your bag, stay in your bag and move on!