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Self-Preparation: Our Daily Bread

How many of us are transitioning into Bethlehem while in unfavorable conditions? We are spiritually hungry but feeding our stomachs. We are depressed and laughing at memes to make us happy..when what we lack is VATILIY. We are working and seeking approval for a job well done to boost our pride. We are grieving, we are struggling in different ways, we are too guiding others in their journeys, we are being human. Yet we are different. We can say we are imperfect while shifting through ups and downs.

In the highs and lows is our harvest. Prosperity brings onlookers and enemies during highs, but the land is scarce of support during the lows–the planning(planting) season.

There are those around us who have given themselves roles of deciding how much human we can be and when…at their own will. If we just do a little more of this, or less of that, how, and in what tone. We can’t pivot if we can’t move about without fair judgement.

God adds extra to our ordinary without even looking at our resumes. God gets past our awkwardness, our non-perfect personalities, and uses our nondescript selves to change lives.

When we question ourselves at the hesitation of others who don’t know what to do with us, God says, “Only I judge fairly.”

We think in the times of trouble that God hides us….nope. We are pushed to make change! Change requires that we MOVE.

I remember what I’ve been through and marvel at the grounds I stand on today. What I’ve been through has always been tools of empowerment to help others help themselves, even sometimes while I’m in my experiences, I am there for others. I’ve stopped asking God why so many years ago. God has taken me through dimensions of fires, and every time I think yes this is it…nope! I get to multitasking
…building my ark and getting rest before the incoming CHANGES.

Think about what you’ve been through; do you think those who judge you could have even lasted through what you’ve been through?? God works with the authentic spirit, the unfit the different and indifferent being…not the manufactured being. God calls the different to make a difference.

God took unfit layman/women and made them Kings and Queens of nations. Surely God can promote you to your purpose. God doesn’t care if you are not run of the mill, not ideal, and not ready. God is your determination to make it and does get very involved in our affairs. So trust in God to know that you don’t have to hide for fear of judgement or something being taken away from you.

It is our will that God’s will be done.

God says,”Stand up and show yourself so you can pivot! I will feed you nourishment, you will not lack, I will give you your daily bread.”

Beth-el-em(House of Bread)