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Self-Love: Stop Sinning on Purpose and Have a Heart

Some people have a softness about them that others mistake for weakness. I’d rather have a strong skeleton than a hard shell.

My softness is approachable and my strong skeleton withstands a lot of unnecessary and unwanted negativity from outside.

A strong heart is important. In a place where so many people have created hard shells, it isn’t because they distrust outside of themselves, it’s because they don’t trust their own heart.

Several scriptures seem to support people or encourage people to avoid trusting their own hearts. Then again we tend to seek out people places and things that reflect our own thinking, that includes scripture.

A faint-hearted person will seek out a scripture that confirms their pain and seems to tell them their heart is not to be trusted and they are wicked for their human choices that brought them to consequences. (Managing from the outside)
See “Jeremiah 17:9, Ecclesiastes 9:3 and so on…

Whereas a strong-hearted person will seek out scripture to further enhance their hearts direction to manage from the soul. (Managing from the inside) Hebrews 4;12, 2Timothy 3:16, 2 Corinthians 5;17 and so on…

What is to be cleared up is that we can trust our hearts, we can’t trust a sin-filled heart. Sin means to miss the mark (think of archery). We want to hit the center, or as close to it as possible. The further away from the center we hit (life’s situations getting the best of us) the less likely we trust our hearts.

However I’ve taken on another perspective. Not only do we get upset when we don’t hit the center (bulls eye) , we start to purposely aim anywhere but the center. Thus, we create distrust in our own hearts. Distrust does not come from other people. It comes from us not being aligned within our center.

A person who depends on artificial oxygen long enough, over time, will stop trusting their own lungs.

Trust comes from how we choose to respond or react to people places and things. When we REspond favorably we build more trust, when we REact to unfavorable conditions, we build distrust. Trusting our selves can place us in the position to become more mindful of our selves in keeping a strong heart even in the face of weakness.

People who trust themselves will often take RESPONSibilty by seeking through the heart of matters. Their REaction is to bring issues back to oneness through fellowship. While distrustful people abhor the heart in favor of distancing themselves from RESPONSibilty. Their REaction to matters is to abandon ship and separate from the center in order to “get back at”.

So when someone tells you to not trust your heart, it’s like telling you to don’t trust God and stay away. God is the center, the midst, the essence, the bullseye, whatever you consider it…God is the universe heart beat. Inaction is sin, plotting is sin, seething is sin, discouragement is sin. One of the first things sin does is break us from the inside, not the outside. Missing the mark enough times can cause us to put the brakes on our hearts.

While no human is perfect, one can take on RESPONSibility and make more mindful choices. One can still embrace their softness and stand against strong winds of negativity instead of falling weak and missing the mark, and then seeking to separate people from their center. A strong heart is what keeps the body alive. A strong heart is what keeps a family together, and a strong heart is what provides light in any darkness.

A saying goes that hurt people hurt people. But a strong heart heals. Instead of envying or bullying soft people, take a page out of their book and ask yourself, “How can they stand me after all I do to them?”

Ezekiel 36:26 notes, “I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.”

Seek within yourself if what you’re doing is needed or asked for before you berate others. We’re all fighting battles unseen. Have a heart.

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Self-Abundance: Get In Your Bag But Stay In Your Grace

Seems everyone is trying to “get the bag”, and that’s understandable. We all have bills and costly desires. However to be spiritually bankrupt is far worse than to be money bankrupt.

We want to get in our bag and stay in our bag. But when it comes to getting spiritual we grimace and look over to see if anyone is looking before we talk and walk about our spiritual health. We’re worried about who’s judging us for talking about Jesus or our own spiritual processes.

(Most) Humans will human, especially on the internet where everyone’s got a view and a tone….they will look for holes in your life before they make their life whole. They will use various scriptures to deny God, and use your shortcomings to deny you, or get you to deny yourself and God. They create criteria of what spirituality should look or feel like.

But will you stand strong and push forward, knowing that when you lay down to rest, your heart is agreeable with your spiritual bank account? Are you awake when you should be asleep? Thinking thinking thinking of ways to get the bag, to get over regrets, to get troubles off your mind?

It costs nothing but heart with a sprinkle of service on top of a pound of compassion to be spiritually abundant, yet people give their every ounce of physical and mental to get the bag.

In standing by the bed of people who are transitioning, I’ve never heard anyone say ,
“I wish I got more money.” However I’ve heard some tell the air or family members that they wish they had more time to get to know God.

And I’m not out here selling religion or you’d pay to read this post. But just think about that…think about….

“Am I chasing grace as much as I’m chasing green without the force of regret and threat of looming death?

Get in your bag and stay in your grace.


Self-Realism: Love

The heart people…we never learn do we? Lmaoooooooo…..nope. We go in time and time again…feeling around with our hearts…only to get whipped and bruised. But dammit if one thing…we ARE consistent.

Love is consistent. Love strives to understand itself by allowing itself to HAVE the experience…time and time again. Love never dies. Love heals and shows itself in unlikely places. Love rescues cats from trees, and jumps in water to save people. Love shields the ignorant from falling anvils, talks people off ledges, and saves the dying.

Love is tied up in court too. For being all in people’s business…either for saving someone or for mistaken identity in divorce cases.

Looking at it more closely we can see that “Love” is one of the most abused and misunderstood words.

We mistake things like gratification, sentimentality, obligation, duty, passion, desire, and other superficial emotions, ideas and conditioned concepts as “Love” in order fill something that is ultimately lacking within us.

These distortions are also used mostly unconsciously as buffers to avoid facing reality as it is by looking at the world with rose-colored glasses on, instead of seeing oneself and the world more objectively beyond appearances.

“For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities, and are often more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are.”
Niccolo Machiavelli

There is personal love between humans, motherly love, love of family and community, love for oneself, love for something greater than the self, love for god and even love for man-made ideologies and concepts such as for a nation and country. 

So what is love? How can we describe or define such a powerful force? Words are very limiting and can only point to it, but are not it. Maybe we can start by examining what love is not.

When it comes to interpersonal relationships we often see control games, jealousy, and envy which is obviously not love, but expressions and behaviors based on fear and need. 

Love is related to emotions and feelings, but they can be merely based on chemical reactions in the brain that result in a “high”, where people feed off each other which is also be the basis for psychic vampirism.

Many relationships are based on this feeding mechanism, which has nothing to do with love, but is a parasitic need resulting in co-dependence. Sexual attraction is also mistaken for love at times.

Many people get into relationships for the wrong reasons, be it to escape their loneliness, to fill a hole in their lives or feed off another person.

For the most part this happens unconsciously and so people tend to lie to themselves about love and their relationships in many ways, not seeing the other person as he/she is and not even seeing themselves clearly as they are.