Self-BEing: Use Self-Empowerment To Create Teachable Moments

Sometimes I think I’m sharing a thought and I start it…and then on it goes into a teachable moment. I be laughing sometimes ’cause God be like, “Since you’re in a writing mood…” Paragraphs form in my status box, or anywhere I begin writing. Interestingly, it’s like hearing an impromptu speech…and having to write it. You don’t hear anything but I do. I assume it’s much like artists and their canvass, or a singer and their voice, and a rapper freestyling bars upon bars. God zones in and I zone out. Sometimes we stay together…a non duality state. Simple thoughts are BEcoming rarer these days…pages fill up themselves,  sometimes I gotta break it down or edit or whatever. But I still have plenty work though. And I’m grateful for that. Ask and it will be given. Not just the craft, talent, skill, and such…but also the higher learning of Self, not all the answers are given to us, but enough to guide us toward being the highest expression of our Selves. Bless

Changing lives means changing minds, changing hearts, and changing beings. Initially, you don’t realize giving so much of yourSelf, at the risk of being deemed a fool, pays off—you’re blessed with any number of possibilities to create at your will. It’s a fair commitment, in spirit and in truth. You’ve managed to provide tools to others that once they’ve been touched, they can’t help but have a different outlook on themselves, others and life as a whole. It literally causes as my heart to be moved as it receives such a great satisfaction.

It isn’t necessary to force any of your personal issues on others; make it a teachable moment by sharing the LESSON. Some may express feelings to do what you do. Changing others requires one to BE changed. It isn’t necessary to being your whole Self, as you all have been only working on your own selves for a while of short ranges. Every moment of growth and evolution is indeed a teachable moment.

You show the way by showing a way. A different way than what others may believe to be their only choice. You are a provider, teacher, guide, and an active listener—to name a few. You are a Wayshower. All choices require stages after ones decision to make a change. These stages vary from shock, to sadness, to anger, to grief. If it were not so, there would be a noticeable lapse back into old beings. Avoid going through the stages for others. Avoid overly empathizing.

Simply continue on in your work until you are asked again. Make every attempt to meet them where they’re at, and move forward. God is good. You can always call. Use your spiritual tools and abilities, as you evolve yourSelf, it will become like first-nature again.