Dream-Work: Seeing Red

The phone rang…whew lol…I was busy trying to explain myself rather than just wake up. The color RED in a dream is never a good thing. Red is a very intense frequency–overpowering…even seductive. In a dream, seeing red symbolizes there’s some external animosity toward you from someone/s you communicate with regularly. Red also represents hypnosis. […]

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It’s important to know your own potential—and speak of it. Some may call it bragging or arrogance. But they can’t call it surprising when you hit them heights. In fact, those same haters may even say they know you and knew you could ‘do it’ every chance they get! They’ll become your community shot-caller whenever […]

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Self-Encouragement: Growing Back UP

There’s a certain placement we come into as we attain higher and higher frequencies. As we grow in spirit (spiritually), we think better of ourSelves. Those of you on that particular road at this present time….don’t deterred by those things that are of the world. Folk will mock you, shun you, make slander. Keep moving […]

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Self-Encouragement: Single Parenting

BEing a single parent with almost no support system other than mySelf has had its challenges, and still does. Until my children are older and have greater sense of Self-guidance, I stay in parent-training with mySelf. Here I share a really good conversation (unedited) that I had with mySelf, and I did feel encouraged. Bless   You allow yourselves as humans and […]

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