Dream-Work: Seeing Red

The phone rang…whew lol…I was busy trying to explain myself rather than just wake up. The color RED in a dream is never a good thing. Red is a very intense frequency–overpowering…even seductive. In a dream, seeing red symbolizes there’s some external animosity toward you from someone/s you communicate with regularly. Red also represents hypnosis. […]

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Self-Growth: All Slaves Ascend

I was speaking with someone this morning about her needing to take action to see change. She’s working her way out of the valley BUT she’s got this PARTNER who just won’t prepare themselves to make their moves! They think she’s kidding like so many times before when she said she was moving on. She […]

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It’s important to know your own potential—and speak of it. Some may call it bragging or arrogance. But they can’t call it surprising when you hit them heights. In fact, those same haters may even say they know you and knew you could ‘do it’ every chance they get! They’ll become your community shot-caller whenever […]

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42 LAWS of MA’AT

The 42 Laws Of MA’AT – EVER*SCENTS MA’AT (111)–Those of us who are actively doing the work of the Soul, are conscious that the Aeon of MA’AT is not a span of time, but is here and now, ever-coming in the living experience. We do no seek MA’AT, we BECOME within MA’AT. We also understand that it is […]

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