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Self-Realization: Lucid Dreams, Curing Habits, and Being Self-Creative

Before I became aware that the experience is called lucid dreaming, I was just curious about what goes on beyond earth. I was always a lucid dreamer; but whenever I recalled my stories to people in the wide bottom they said I was “crazy” and a “liar”. Others wanted to use me to their own will. I still do share, only I know better for myself. I’m seeing more people like myself; I do observe that in lucid dream states we all have the ability to “guide” our environment. Criticism doesn’t bother me, as I know only God judges fairly. When I say awakened, I mean that literally. I was asleep and then I woke up. Upon waking, I’m enlightened, and am able to bring what I experienced out there back to here.

Of course there are different routes to enlightenment for those who seek. I’m not saying what I learned here is defunct, but in comparison to the outer limits? Humans (I know, not alllll) are narrow-minded and judge-mentally sickened. They’re obsessed with awards and things and money to make them feel good, without truly being able to say they’re “Self-made”. Many can create their own experiences, but even more can’t. They’re so bogged downnnnn…by THINGS and maintaining others successes. OTHERS decide how successful their dream weavers will be. I DO admit that it takes a lot to weave your own dream, as the world doesn’t exactly promote humans “breaking away” from the masses to be their own Selves. One can really find themselves without supports, especially if no one else believes in their dream with them.

Everybody’s truth isn’t the same, but many people do share the same dreams, I’ve interacted with many people I know here; from loving to fearsome. So I can understand the selfishness after the dream is reached….people say, “You wasn’t in the studio creating with me!” Humans are so young in the game, because they forget to APPLY their spirit and their truth to obtain freedoms or whatever it is that they are seeking.  They discuss it, march for it, pursue it, but so few obtain anything, in spirit and in truth. Heaven is my peace. Heaven is my reality. It is in the outer universe that I find mySelf whenever I have an issue weighing on me here, or when I just want to BE. I don’t always have to be asleep either, I’ve shared many a picture and described much of what I can see or feel just walking down the street. It’s the experience of my reality that I create. I still see the world, am living in this world, but I choose not to be a part of what is, in my eyes, universal and planetary atrocities. Every day I choose to stay another—to show others another way.

In one of my writings, I shared how I cured a past habit of emotional eating. During a lucid dream one night; I encountered a people at an event where we were guests. It felt something like a talk show. They continuously laughed because we (humans) eat chickens; there were even pictures of cooked foods on a big screen. Anytime anyone just said “chicken” the audience would roar up in laughter and claps again and again. I felt mocked and I didn’t want to be there. But just before I chose to leave, I heard a question (communication is telepathic beyond 3D) on the edge on my mind, “How can consuming food make you feel good emotionally?” I woke up, and haven’t seen food the same way since. There’s no going all the way to the city just to buy cake. I use to love cake; enough to travel further than I would for a man. I don’t love cake, or twizzlers, or fruit punch, or any food anymore. I just eat—to live. I don’t complain to mySelf during fast. I don’t feel bogged down and heavy.

I don’t feel a need to replace my emotions with foods; such a being doesn’t fit to the truth and vibration of who I am. Humans cure emotional eating with HEALTHY emotional eating. I unlearned both; such a habit was a hindrance to how far I can be able to travel and to much more ease. I may sound cocky but I do not intend to, you’ll see when you get there. In comparison, with all the back-peddling techniques to overcome dis-ease that I learned here; it took me only one trip beyond myself to see my Self about that eating habit. I’ve used lucid dreaming to heal much of my dis-ease and negative habits.

Sometimes, you may have the same dream multiple times, before you realize the thing chasing you is not a monster; it’s a habit, or a situation trying to get your attention, that you need to address. Face it. Overcome.