Self-Realization: Sponsor Your Own Idea

With things going the way they are in this world, its government, and a people, one must re-train their own mind to acquire Self-fulfillment or Self-betterment NOW.

I, like most people have had many ideas that would allow me minimal dependence on the government, family, and friends. ALL of my ideas entailed me GIVING something to others. Those ideas however, were always “killed”. Fear, ridicule, dependence on others to help me financially or the backing of someone who knows someone who knows a celebrity—all these things and others “killed my idea/dreams”.

Early 2012, based on some inside knowledge, the idea came to me to sale emergency packages/survival kits. I decided to confide in a friend on how to start up the orders. We did some research and started small, ordering just first-aid kits.

Well, I don’t have to tell you who have had similar experiences, but I’m still sharing. I began to overhear my friend friends’ talking about what a “crazy idea” I had and “how do she know something’s gonna happen?!” and “nobody wants to buy survivor kits especially not in a poor neighborhood like this, they already tryna survive!”

Doubt began to creep in. Even though I had the total money to invest, I was still looking for a namesake—a person people would surely buy the kits from—a famous person. Well, I got the famous person, and he laughed and said something to the effect of, “how do I know this is gonna work?” I remember saying, “We won’t know unless we try it.” I guess he thought I was being a smart-ass, but I was not, I was being straight-forward. Anyway, he said he’d think about it, but a day later, had someone else tell me, “he can’t afford to invest in anything without some fore-seeable benefit.” I became sad, angry, regretful, embarrassed, and did try to work my idea myself but by then I had everyone elses put-downs and put-offs in my head, and in my feelings. I gave it.

Well, clearly, we all know how Hurricane Sandy has left people throughout the East Coast. Many are without homes, clothes, food, etc. I live in one of the more devastated areas; Far Rockaway, NY. The irony of the whole thing, for me, is that we were given survival kit rations. I gotta admit, I felt like Homer Simpson after a foul-up, Doh! I’m good now, and I’ve learned from that experience.

My ideas can only be valued by others when I believe in them for mySelf first.
Humans feel a need to see the future. They want to see the outcome before the work. Maybe a handful only actually get that the future never comes; whatever we’re DOing or BEing right NOW are the very manifestations of the so-called future! BE your highest Self to be able to experience your best Self and to experience your best Self LIVE YOUR TRUTH. Bless

There are those who can’t let go—won’t let go.
They are desperately gripping on to the ledge, trying to grasp at any “control” they have left over others—over you. They will fall.

Because they are now aware the choices they made are not leading to their betterment nor others, they realize they will eventually destroy themselves, and seek to take you with them any way they can—mind, body and soul. They don’t want you to “be your own man”, so to speak.

When you want to change a thought that is “rooted” in your system, BE in accord with your own new idea.
So that your mind won’t tell you you can’t and it kills the idea, do it quickly.
(Humans are trained to not want better for their selves, and to live by others thoughts. You can even discern whether this message is to your upper self-guidance.)

Then you can get into the details of how your new idea works best to evolve yourSelf BEing in your truth. The more Self-driven you are, the greater and faster the manifestation of your idea. Believe in YOURSELF.

Think about the lost hiker in the terrain. They act before they think—to the betterment of theirselves—they guarantee their own survival in each moment that they BE. Their first idea is to survive, they believe they can and then they act on doing it. The more they do to help themselves, the more they believe they with survive—and reversed. They live to BE inspirations. They are already inspirations to themselves, and survivors for theirselves. That was the idea.

So, here it is, grow your own opportunities to BE your highest expression of yourSelf by immediately acting on your own ideas.

To inspire others, inspire yourself.

Live your truth.

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