Spiritual Dialogue: Are We in Love with Ideas of BEings and Not Truly BEing?

In between I realized…not everybody creates from the Void (scratch). Many create from what already IS…from people places and things that already exist.

Having the ability to consciously create in the Void is rare…because people are more unaware than they are aware, still. Even those who call themselves “conscious”. They’ll wake up many more times before reaching to this point.

Even if you’ve accumulated something from an existent BEing, you have the ability to void that particular BEing in favor for a higher, more uplifted enlightened BEing. Provided you accept responsibility for your present creation or state.

Many seek to “escape” or “throwaway” what they’ve created. Which in essence causes them to become “stuck” to the people, places, and things they’re seeking “freedom” from.

And even though…sometimes humans catch others up in their creations…which really can be the precursor for disaster in lower frequencies or upliftment in higher frequencies for others…BECAUSE they have not yet (or cannot yet) begun to create from the Void for themselves…so they experience FATE…by others creations.

In other words, while you ARE experiencing what YOU create, you’ve manage to also attract others who are not and cannot experience what YOU’VE created…..they are simply riding on the IDEA of your creation. In other words, they have no idea such a person, place, or thing existed, until you came along…and make them aware of such.

So now the question you would ask is, are you actually IN the experience or you riding in the IDEA of the experience projected from anothers creation?

I often wonder how answers to my (deep) questions show up so fast…or even recently that I saw some numbers in my sleep…played them(lotto) them upon waking and won. Or even being able to see others various creations only to wake up and witness such manifestations.

Those who create from what already IS are BEing in 3rd dimension. Those who create from Void, or “see” what is to BEcome, are BEing in 4th dimension. You would benefit to clear more in 3D to be able to experience more clearly in 4D. Water helps. Sun’s light helps. Green foods help.

And to answer the basic question in thought, “Why? Why does there have to be dimensions or highs and lows? Why can’t everybody just be as ONE?”

Short answer: You live in a dual world. Light and dark. Day and night. Up and down. In and out. Competition. Longer answer: Because seeing into your false bottoms(your hidden BEings), humans project unfair experiences. For example, to believe you live as ONE while many are in hunger and others throw away food is perverted denial. Or even that some are rich while many are poor— where is the ONENESS in such dual states?

And also may I say a favored line, there’s levels to this shit, otherwise it wouldn’t be the greatest school in this universe.

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