Self-Preservation: Burn Bridges of Indecision

One of the most self loving things I’ve done was burn the Bridges of Indecision. Seems selfish…and it is. Self-preservation should be first thought…unless God takes your save a life. But what about having the will to save your own life? We don’t know our God-power until we have to save our own life.

Void letting people run back and forth in your life. Void letting people take their baggage from one relationship to bring to you. Some people cannot be without a relationship, so they just move through from one person to the next to the next and on..accumulating energies and emotional imbalances and dis-eases…spiritual mental and physical.

Burn the bridges of indecision and take a break where no one has free access to your mind body and soul. Do 6 feet spiritually…do 12 feet mentally, do 18 feet physically. Observe how you experience the releases and encompass more peaces.

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