It’s important to know your own potential—and speak of it. Some may call it bragging or arrogance. But they can’t call it surprising when you hit them heights.

In fact, those same haters may even say they know you and knew you could ‘do it’ every chance they get! They’ll become your community shot-caller whenever you’re in town. So that bullshit about “only insecure people speak on their successes” throw that back out the window it came it.

When you know your potential you pick your people, your pick your team, you pick your husband, you pick your wife. You pick your people places and things. Now, it’s not to say you will be automatically accepted–because not everyone can see your vision and therefore they won’t see your potential.

Self-preservation is when you hit them summits, you’re going to HAVE TO let go of dead weight–at both opportune and inopportune moments. Much like a Hiker, the more weight the more unstable your environment can become. You’re going to have to move more efficiently and so you can’t spend time convincing people to see your vision. If they haven’t done any work themselves…they have NO idea why you’re on that mountain.

Most people will only acknowledge you from the top down. Completely ignoring that all work begins with a foundation. And when they refuse to support you or put in their own work or they if walk their negativity through your ascension–drop them. Period.

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