Self Growth: Some People Are Too Comfortable!

No excuses…cut them off…people pretend like they don’t know what you’re doing…and will bring something to you or your name that can ruin your goal. Just like that. No excuses=no apologizes. Some of us spend so much time around people that think are in our best interest…that we think are there for us…when really come we wake up…they are holding us back.

They need us more than we need them…evidenced by little value they bring to our lives…ESPECIALLY if we’re the ones doing the work. We don’t realize how complacent and entitled some people in our lives are. They’ve given themselves a place in your life and yet you continuously feel a void…in that very place.

They are fearful of you being heard…because you might stop hearing them. They are fearful of you being seen because they might be hidden. They are fearful of you progressing…because they’ll feel left behind. They are fearful of your new relationships..they may feel replaced.

If you want to grow you can’t take everybody with you where you go. More than having GOOD people around you, have STRONG people around you…people who can get things done with you and for you. People who can speak life into you. PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

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