Self-Actualization: The Empress and The Queen

Back to Business!

I had a majority of fun summer. But it’s back to work. This human BEing is baseline cool if you wake up, work, lie down, die. But many don’t get that luxury.
For the sake of familiarity, we’re saying “Black Women.” I’ve spent much time in the realms working in simulations and interacting with black women as a black woman–past, present, and “future.” The head of several of our programs is a black woman whom I greatly admire. During simulations, I thought I did okay sometimes, and at other times I would void the sim if it became too intense. There’s nothing like the actualization of BEing a “black” woman, especially in current Earth.

I’m in a good space and caught up in my studies in having spent the last two weeks intentionally and intensely studying and upgrading my knowledge base about the many different human personalities and their assigned traits. Specifically, Female Narcissism, Gaslighting, Sociopathy, Adult-bullying, Esteem, Alpha female, Empathy…and the uprising of the QUEEN personality in recent years.

The QUEEN embodies so many negative and positive traits and can be attributed to impoverished and prestigious females. The Queen is uplifted by its admirers based on measures of materialism, physical seduction, or intelligence. This personality is often confused with the lesser-used QUEAN. Queens/Queans are actually the cause of the demise of several ancient civilizations. Lady Of Cao being one of the deadliest Queens among a few. While many black women welcome the title and the pedestal it affords them, many black women also find the title offensive and object to being labeled with the title.

While the name is used socially, the EMPRESS personality is not widely accepted in human actualization, as little is known about its embodiment, other than it works from the Hidden Realms. The Empress personality may be seen as salty (inactive principle of Nature). Salt is a matter which must be energized by Sulphur (masculine principle) to maintain the equilibrium of the Universe. Therefore without her emperor, she can become moody, at times. She does experience human actuality to realize energy motion or to make systemic structural corrections. The Empress attributes are universal; she spends much time moving between frequencies. She will settle on a base frequency and BE accordingly and work from that base if she is married. Empress personality cannot easily be “copied” into the human format. The initiate is chosen, invited, or indoctrinated by ancestral birthright. The Empress is often confused for a Queen until the difference is witnessed in their personalities or verbal correction is granted. Her earthly name would be NUBIA. In the universal hierarchy, EMPRESS is just under GODDESS and above QUEEN.

By Live Your Truth

Whether I write or speak I intend well to have a positive impact and good influence when it left my energy. That being said, if you resonate make changes, if you can't resonate, make changes still.

I have many different interests as this world is huge and there are so many places and things to explore. Such an advantage of foster many differences and similarities wrapped in the word FAMILY.

I am a Bachelorette of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and an Associate of Science in Human Services. I possess 20 years as a Human Service Professional and bring training and experience in coaching self-development. I provide empowerment to persons in need of spiritual redirection and can make mental health referrals. I am an Ordained Minister, Certified Life concentrating in Spiritual Re-direction, and a Mental Health First Aid Responder.

I currently work as a human services supervisor with my team who serves close to 400 persons in underserved communities under an inclusive care management organization. Our clientele response is very satisfied and we are able to connect people to medical, mental health, and substance recovery programs, housing, and other entitlements. We provided services during the Covid Pandemic, earning us the Team of the Year Award in 2020.

Even though I was raised through the NYC foster care system and exposed to several religions, I was born into a family of spirituals, pentecostal/non-denominational pastoral leaders, and builders of two church houses, in Laurens South Carolina, and in Chicago Heights. We believe all humans no matter pit or wing, have a universal right to experience their inner soul's actualization right here on Earth.

I specialize in providing comprehensive guidance that will help you achieve new outlooks on your personal and professional life, to be able to achieve the growth you're striving for. My (pending copyright approval) method provides increased productive actions, and weekly accountability to bring clarity and inspiration to the challenges and strengths of your waking self.

If you are an up and coming organization or impact influencer looking for contributions to the upliftment of your mission email

Focus Areas/Specialties:
Reflective Scripture Readings, End of Life Transition Assistance, Spiritual Redirection, Personal Empowerment, Entrepreneur Empowerment, Foster Youth Empowerment, Mental Health Referrals. DISCLAIMER
The materials and content contained in this website are for general information only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Users of this website should not rely on the information provided for their own health needs. All specific questions should be presented to your own health care provider.

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If you need support right now, call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. You can reach NYCWELL HOTLINE AT 888.692.9355

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