Self Love: Build Love within through 6th Dimensional Frequency

Being in love is majestic and inspiring to ones mind, body, spirit and soul. It is so very important that we nurture ourselves in pure frequencies when listening to music. Steve Gold is one of my favorite multidimensional beings! I am encompassed with Peace and Serenity when I hear his music, and my soul just swells with love.

When I first encountered his music I was in a prayer ritual, with a group of other 6th dimensional beings, to raise up an ancient underground city out of a body of water. We each placed our hand over a symbol on the huge black rock statue, and then walked around it counterclockwise-while Stevens music filled the air–then off the path and back onto the land. Some people cried as each of our hearts were filled with love and peace.

I thought about that when I woke up from my sleep, I would look for that song! And then Synchronicity dropped it into my email one day after searching in vain. I really like the way the AngLes make creative ways to help our healing processes. That was years ago…and now I’ve adopted creative ways to heal myself and also help others heal their selves.

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