Self-Concept:What Would You Do If You Could Not Fail?

We’re going to delve into men and woman more at the Still I Love Podcast.

What would you do if you could not fail? If God said, “Go do and be what you want and I will assure you will not fail.”

Many of us learn from other people, books, and/or direct/infection experience. The point of failed relationships is to learn how to be a better person, partner, friend, and teacher. We wouldn’t know this if we had not failed. So because we failed many times, we didn’t stop trying again, we continue to work on our self esteem and our self concept and God shows us we’re getting better at it. Many of us are belittled for being students of life, by those who think they automatically know better, by voiding pain and experience, and instead would rather judge others, to keep their esteem just as low. You have to have a high confidence and self esteem to even engage in this great experiment and experience.

Ultimately, many humans hate us and call us arrogant when really it’s just that as spirited beings, we are sure of ourselves. Karma doesn’t exist at the central Avalon. Think about how many times people have tried to break you. Our rewards are attached to our confidence in that we whole hearted attached ourselves to this experience. We don’t hope, we realize. We ask questions when unsure and we let go when the time comes. So if you wonder why your friend “has the nerve” to bounce back quickly and just seems to always be smiling and elevating…know that we know trouble is temporary, it’s the richness in heart that lasts always.

What would you really do with your life if you could not fail?

Women, we must renew our minds in what we desire of a MAN. If you are a heart person, you must align yourself with a man of heart. He’s not just turned on sexually, he is attracted to you verbally, mentally, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally. He must act as a husband as you act as a wife even before marriage. In other words, he wants to invest his time into you and does–not just for sex but to build his home and his relationship with you. Otherwise, its all malarkey.

He doesn’t hear anything you’re saying if he doesn’t already have God energy within himself. It doesn’t matter if he’s a King, a CEO, a teacher, blue or white collar, or a student…how he values you is a reflection of how he values himself. How you value him is a reflection of yourself. If you value him more than he values you, that doesn’t mean you’re desperate. It means you do not balance each other. He’s six feet on the outside and 4 feet in his heart. You can’t make a man grow taller than the wall he built.

We have to check our own consciousness, because our broken consciousness have us chasing and respecting men who have no time for us as powerful and viewing men who have time for us as desperate and we disrespect him. If he wants to be around you let him be around you. He’s trying to get to know you. Void the self abuse in chasing and trying to convince a busy man to make time for you.

He is available and he wants to invest his time. He desires marriage and will make it known, without your pulling it out of him. He’s not torn between you any anything else. He’s focused on you. He says your name when speaking to you. He looks you your eyes to meet your spirit to his. He seeks your likes and dislikes. He will love you and value you..recognize your worth and usefulness in his life. He sees you in relation to him. He will find his greatest friendship in you, and you him.

He will never let you do all the sacrificing, he will set the tone for you to create the atmosphere. Even in his anger, he communicates with you in a gentle and patient manner. He strives to build the non-sexual attention. He will approach sex from a respectful place and position of understanding and will not manipulate you or judge you. He respects you based getting to know you and not others opinions of you, or some past trauma they or you’ve been through.

He will not sabotage your relationship with stupid actions. There can be but so many sorrows(apologies). He makes your relationship exclusive and public. There is a definition to your relationship with no wondering if you are single in the eyes of others. He is honest about his life and doesn’t want to appear as an imposter..and will not allow any person place or thing to come between him or her to ruin their union. You become then central point of her focus.

Financially, he will provide for you. Period. She can have a million dollars, and still he will want to provide for you. He will create a lifestyle for you to be provided for.

Ladies if there is struggle where there does not need to be and you’ve chosen to stay, and you have to ask, before, plead, or winder about anything, age dies not matter, you have chosen a boy and not and not a man.

Can you fail if someone gave you the wisdom plainly?

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