Self-Assess: Do Humans Hate Positivity?

Well that depends on who’s giving it. Off the bat, humans love unattainable people places and things. They like to chase already attainable people places and things. They put responsibility to chase in the mans hands and the responsibility to run in the women’s hands. If she should stop running to be caught, the man is turned off and proceeds to chase another woman. As long as she’s running and eluding his grasp, its all positive. Should she stop and want to be courted, things can get pretty negative for her taking the initiative. Do adult humans ever actually leave children games behind to be adults? There’s no clear indication, as they also believe age, and not maturity is a construct. Everyone’s outside their lane –chasing the attainable happy.

So does anyone ever stop running?

You can throw your best friend a positive party and  they’ll still be upset because someone didn’t show up who generally treats them like crap, including not showing to the party.  Who’s the bad guy now? YOU! For being so damn positive and giving negative people one more thing to hate…your positivity. You can’t GIVE humans positivity. They have to embrace it own their own…usually after they suffer with some trauma or other.

That old adage, “I didn’t know I was negative until I embraced being positive.”

Welcome to planet Earth, where things are often not what they seem. As a Spiritual Life Coach and Human Service Professional, I am obsessed with human psychology and behavior around the topics of happiness and positivity because, despite our greatest efforts to find them, happiness and positivity constantly elude us. In fact, we may fight against the peace and happiness immediately available to us.

Happiness is something we all seek, whether we realize it or not. We all have different definitions of and approaches to positivity, but at the end of the day, pretty much everyone hopes to be happier and more at peace. This is life, and we’re stuck in it until we go do something else in the verses.. The question on our plate is, “How do we make it worth being here?” The search for happiness is humanity’s preeminent response to that question.

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