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Self-Care: Be Humble and Ask God For Help

My view of success is my knowing that I exist because God exists. My humility and humbleness is knowing my limits and when to ask God for direct intervention.

Psalms 23 says,
He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,
3 he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.

This current one world systems reset is hard for me as it is anyone else. Still I go about my work diligent. I think people assume spiritualists have some sort of immunity to insults, hurt, and sickness. We’re spiritualists not X-Men, but even they have weak spots. So nope,nobody’s perfect. There’s that.

This morning, I recalled some time ago, sharing with someone that when I was sick with Covid, it caused me to get my affairs in order. Like, THAT’S how sick I was. Their response was,

“I don’t know that I could’ve done what you did.”


“Called out.”

Oh, so you’re one of those people who claim we never see you and wonder woman in the same room. Oh so you’ve never been humble. Oh wow..okay. So I’m talking to someone who worships themselves. Got it.

Humble is knowing your time. Not being silent….just knowing your time. Humility is knowing other people’s time and respecting it. They get mixed up–like twin sisters, identifiable by interacting with their way of being.

Chile, I done told Elizabeth I was coming home and this person worried about me calling out from work. They didn’t care that I was sick. They cared that I was the only supervisor on shift at that time, and that I called out. Hence these grown people employees wouldn’t be able to monitor themselves🤨.during a world lock down. As if I didn’t grapple with that issue before falling into a half coma and having to call out in the middle of the day after already being sick for two days prior…this was the peak and I was down for the count. You know what I mean if you were a first-rounder. I can’t work with a mack truck IN my chest.

I was quite surprised that their mind was so focused on leadership that even if they were that sick they would’ve called themselves being there for others and not themselves. Chile the pride! No even a great leader…but just a good leader knows when to tap out.

That’s when I knew I had to get in closer with God. Re-dedicate my life to God and renew my leadership vows (Wayshower vows); for me and mine, with the revelation that people are trying to go at life on their own. The system reset also is forcing us to look at humanity through enhanced eyes and mind. We need God in this. We always have…we were just young and closed minded and having a good time in a new land for some time.

When you feel that you have no options and there are no new ideas flowing into your mind, heart and body, a tell-tell sign of a Godless life is in your response to others humility,

“I don’t know that I can do that.”

Imagine God responding to you in such when you ask for something. Or just even someone you trust responding in such a manner. Yeah that’s disappointing and discouraging.

We can’t rid ourselves of people who are discouraging and tend to stomp on anything of value beyond themselves. I often purposely ask God to provide peace to still my mind in the midst of so many ideas and so many options. They are all right for me, otherwise I wouldn’t be thinking of them. However we can’t do everything at once. Discouraging people will have you keep great ideas to yourself, until they can find a way to take the credit.

This is why it’s important to write. I had no idea that so many people hate writing or are fearful to write, or in their words, can’t write! Even if no one ever sees. As a self-taught reader and writer, I can’t imagine my life without writing. God shows up. Did we all not…? And so everywhere we go that’s where we are.

For goals that I’ve written 10 years ago, some have been achieved and some are coming back up as I transition into the next leg of my life. What we sow we reap. Every idea wants to be chosen. I simply rewrite them toward the top of my lists if they aren’t chosen. 😆

Anyway, getting to PEACE! God will help us along in life by stirring our minds and hearts in the direction we need to go…if we’re focused and open.

A closed hand cannot give or receive. Neither can a closed mind and a closed heart. Never slap people in the face with your left hand if you know your heart isn’t in the right place. It’s going to show, eventually. Much like that person when I shared that story. They may have a high title at work, but that heart needs work.

Anyway, the best part of being humble before God is when we sleep, and God takes us to the STILL place..the place of PEACE. I’m thinking of the song Still Waters Run Deep by Aretha Franklin…don’t trouble the waters just let it be. Sail on sail on by, your time has come to shine, all of your dreams are on their way! You can even go with Anita Baker’s, “Sweet Love”, and sway as she talks with God about having peace. Anita was my idol growing up…having grown up in foster care herself…blossoming into one of the Queens of Soul…cause she gets it. She knows where I’m coming from. She’s been there…a displaced child of God.

The place where the water is actually a sea of crystals so bright, and sand so soft it feels like walking on air. The two suns are so yellow and crispy bright but the temperature feels fit to skin. The people doing their own thing and the obsidian mountains are so high in the background. And we just walk or sit, and our window opens and there we are doing and being…our desires. We feel every exact feeling and emotion. WE ARE ‘I AM’ BEING OURSELVES! The CRADLING–which I’ve come to calling this majestic energy–is a most amazing and overwhelming feeling–imagine that of a baby snuggling in our own arms..and we know they are safe with us and so we relax feeling safe with them..and most times end up asleep. You ever slept in your sleep?

Then upon waking we continue to feel this energy..and if we energy… all is well. We are refreshed and renewed. And when the spirit of infirmary comes gossiping and nosing around, trying to make changes where they have no business or being discouraging, we are able reject and redirect them without a thought.

The adventure begins when we begin seeing (synchronicities) signs of heaven in our waking life…and that is the road we follow. The ideas are vivid and the most promising road becomes enlightened into our minds. Some say they see a golden road in their sleep..which I have also seen at least twice and did produce a portrait some years ago. The road to the next possibility. At least that childhood “myth” is true. Aye ask God for peace if you just find that you have to tap out and need to renew your strength. Write it down, speak it, paint it, make music, whatever it is that you do from the heart naturally. It’s a good time to get your affairs in order anyway. So do that too.

Psalms 23 says,
He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,
3 he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.


By Live Your Truth

Whether I write or speak I intend well to have a positive impact and good influence when it left my energy. That being said, if you resonate make changes, if you can't resonate, make changes still.

I have many different interests as this world is huge and there are so many places and things to explore. Such an advantage of foster many differences and similarities wrapped in the word FAMILY.

I am a Bachelorette of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and an Associate of Science in Human Services. I possess 20 years as a Human Service Professional and bring training and experience in coaching self-development. I provide empowerment to persons in need of spiritual redirection and can make mental health referrals. I am an Ordained Minister, Certified Life concentrating in Spiritual Re-direction, and a Mental Health First Aid Responder.

I currently work as a human services supervisor with my team who serves close to 400 persons in underserved communities under an inclusive care management organization. Our clientele response is very satisfied and we are able to connect people to medical, mental health, and substance recovery programs, housing, and other entitlements. We provided services during the Covid Pandemic, earning us the Team of the Year Award in 2020.

Even though I was raised through the NYC foster care system and exposed to several religions, I was born into a family of spirituals, pentecostal/non-denominational pastoral leaders, and builders of two church houses, in Laurens South Carolina, and in Chicago Heights. We believe all humans no matter pit or wing, have a universal right to experience their inner soul's actualization right here on Earth.

I specialize in providing comprehensive guidance that will help you achieve new outlooks on your personal and professional life, to be able to achieve the growth you're striving for. My (pending copyright approval) method provides increased productive actions, and weekly accountability to bring clarity and inspiration to the challenges and strengths of your waking self.

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