Self-Care: Emotional Bonding

I usually log the wisdom of my experiences–but in recognizing this may just be a fleeting moment–in this case I chose to log it for the struggle it is. Anyway I sat down somewhere and read a very good goes… “Intimacy is often times mistaken as physical closeness alone: hugging, cuddling, kissing, sex. However, […]

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Self-knowledge: Collective Shift

Last night, I dreamed about money and atms and Texas weather oh boy…and then woke up only to be pulled back in…smh…save some cash cause the bureaus are turning over….still. I woke up with a reminder that in as much as we want loans forgiveness and credit to be done away….no matter it happens a […]

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Dream-Work: Seeing Red

The phone rang…whew lol…I was busy trying to explain myself rather than just wake up. The color RED in a dream is never a good thing. Red is a very intense frequency–overpowering…even seductive. In a dream, seeing red symbolizes there’s some external animosity toward you from someone/s you communicate with regularly. Red also represents hypnosis. […]

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